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  1. M

    Tube amplifier loses bias on one tube and starts humming.

    So far, I have been very satisfied with my Destiny eXperience MKII. However, I have now noticed a hum on the left channel. I thought it might be due to bias. While measuring and adjusting, I found that the third KT88 tube has no bias. What could be the reason for this? I have also discovered...
  2. R

    Humming / Buzzing Noise - Audio Setup - AC - Microphone - Apollo Twin X - Neumann TLM 103 - Furman

    What the noise sounds like: I have a humming sound which is more or less audible depending on how much I increase the input gain / headphone output - it is also however - perpetually present, as it is visible digitally within software (such as an EQ) - the problem is something to do with...
  3. amirm

    NAD PP 2e Phono Stage Review

    I did move it and rotated it and made no difference. Once I was writing the review I realized it is not 60 Hz hum anyway but the rectifier noise. Here are the Manufacturers Specifications: MC Input Impedance (R and C) - 100 Ohm + 180pF Gain at 1kHz - 60dB Input Sensitivity (ref. 200mV...
  4. CleanSound

    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    An Isolation transformer will block out DC offset. And it does it very very effectively. Then you may ask, "well the isolation transformer will hum itself from the DC offset." A well designed toroidal will not hum from DC offset. I have few Emotiva CMX-2, but it's only 2 outlets. Why the f...
  5. carpman

    Power switch for amplifiers (hypex), dac (minidsp flex) harmfull?

    Just read this thread and wanted to check before I blow stuff up. I'm doing this and having just checked I get no "click, pop or hum" just an annoying woman saying "entering A U X mode" (which I can just about live with): Just wanted confirmation that this is not going to damage the PSU or...
  6. AnalogSteph

    $500 setup to upgrade PC - advice/details needed

    There is a DIP switch setting on the Kalis you need to change for the RCA inputs to become active. If you do not enjoy your ground loop noises, you'll need to make or buy a cable like this: (borrowed from A15) or buy one of these guys plus the requisite off-the-shelf cabling (RCA --> TS, TRS...
  7. D

    Blue Jeans Cable Isolation Transformer Review

    Hello All, This device is designed to remove hum from a subwoofer. Remember by definition at X-max a woofer is operating at 10% distortion. Also by definition a sub-woofer operates up to 20% distortion. With that said why are we testing this device above sub-woofer frequencies? Why are we...
  8. J

    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    All of the medical grade isolation transformers I've bought all hum like a bitch, and many of them are super expensive going into the hundreds of dollars. I find the passive DC offset devices better and more cost effective. The Emotiva CMX-2 might only have 2 outlets, but most of the DIY kits...
  9. G

    Choosing a closed back headphones, mid range price

    Hi, Hum, perhaps, did you know a headphones with the bass of DT 1770 and high-mid / trebble of the focal ? Or simply it's not physically possible to consiliate both :D Well for now I'm asking myself to go back to the DT 700 pro X. Because at the end, I will probably use it more ... More relax...
  10. G

    Picking between these 2 audio jewlery items...any "better" than the other?

    ...My 7000 had this small whine if you put your ear to it so I thought maybe it was adding some noises to my system that I could only fix with Hum-X but it turns out NONE of them were able to get rid of that (unless I added back the HUM-X) so in the end, keeping my HTPS 7000 seems like the best...
  11. G

    New Sony ES 8K AV Receiver Line STR-AZ7000ES STR-AZ5000ES STR-AZ3000ES STR-AZ1000ES

    Can you tell us roughly what the serial number is? (If we are greater than “x” we will be OK?)
  12. JP

    Carver Crimson 275 Review (Tube Amp)

    Looks like he's doubling down: Same OPTs even. Specifications: Rated Power 75 watts per channel @ 1KHz into eight ohm resistive load with no more than 1% total harmonic distortion. Distortion...
  13. M

    Lack of 2.1 support is grinding my gears

    I get it, we all have areas we would be comfortable compromising in if needed. I much prefer a device like the miniDSP 2x4HD (or the ADAU based ali express boards @Weeb Labs posted) which has all of the x-over, PEQ and delay capabilities needed for proper sub integration even though it has...
  14. E

    A DC Blocker to help stop transformer HUM

    Toroidal transformers tend to constrain the magnetic field to the donut-shaped core, much better than the E-I stacked laminated ones do to their cores. Your exposure to a magnetic field is tiny once you are a few inches away from either type of transformer, especially the toroid, and even near...
  15. Chrispy

    Blue Jeans Cable Isolation Transformer Review

    Also interested in an explanation along these lines. Just generally doesn't look to be a very good product for any application.
  16. J

    XLR to RCA Subwoofer new idea?

    Zero in effect of noise which is the whole point. Look at the circuit of a differential interface like the XLR. The (-) simply extends the signal in the opposite direction from reference ground. In other words you need to drive the (-) channel below reference ground. I guess I might have...
  17. X

    HELP: Have amps on another circuit plugged into my Anthem AVM70 via XLR and causes hum on my subs

    ended up going with ebtech hum-x (now called morley hum exterminator) Definitely solved the hum. Not sure if I'm over pulling from them (rated for 6A 120v) but I'm guessing I'm not pulling that much from each of my subs...
  18. M

    Tip for my system 2.1

    Please, I need advice I know it may be obvious for many of you, but outside of the old 5.1 system I don't usually use the subwoofer. I've "played" with it a few times but have never decided to use it permanently. I'll try again today!! I tried a 2.1 configuration of my system. I abandoned my...
  19. S

    RME DPS-2 Linear Power Supply

    A battery does not seem to be suggested for audio improvements, just for mobile operation and ground isolation. In fact, in the manual for my ADI-2/4 Pro SE specifically states that the choice of power supply is not critical. <Page 12 excerpt>
  20. X

    Eliminating Speaker Buzz

    I had a ground loop transmitted to my avr from an xlr-connected amp on a different circuit that then caused a 60hz hum in my rca-connected subwoofers (they don't have xlr). Put two hum x (now known as morley hum exterminator) and it solved my problem. I'd love if @amirm would do a review on...
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