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    SVS Ultra Evolution

    Nothing wrong with the way he "reviews" speakers. He has an opinion, he compares to other speakers etc... He qualifies his reviews with, "in my room", "in my opinion" etc.... Nothing wrong with that at all.
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    Subwoofer suggestions

    Then why ask questions if you don't want answers? ;)
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    Subwoofer suggestions

    No longer any upscale finishes. Don't care where he came from, doesn't change anything. Not a fan. Everything is off the shelf. You or I could build an identical sub. Not so with JTR, Funk, Harbottle etc...
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    Subwoofer suggestions

    Your best option would be another Rythmik F12. Better yet if you have the budget and time to wait would be a pair of these - or Of Funk audio which work with Harbottle. As for PSA-...
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    Arendal 1723 1S Subwoofer or another model?

    Not so sure about that when all metrics are considered.
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    Kef Q150 Connection Help

    just get this-
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    Yamaha R-S202 Receiver Review

    I have one for around 3 years or so. Bought on sale for around $125 at the time. It's been rock solid. Remote quit after a little over a year (out of warranty) Yamaha sent me a new one for free with shipping included. Paired with NHT SuperOnes version II and a Polk DSW 440 pro in my MBR. Perfect...
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    Focal Kanta 2 vs KEF R7 meta

    I'd go for the Kefs based on my experience with their entry level Q750s in a small room. The near perfect off axis response in both horizontal and vertical create a very large sound stage (in my room) 13x14x9. Walls and ceiling are painted drywall and the floor has a fairly thick carpet.
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    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    Wasn't referring to the Kube series.
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    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    Different customer. Small, "life style" subs are what they are. And many customers like to have the same brand for all their speakers for whatever their reasons are.
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    Benefits of vertical MTM or MMTMM vs TM?

    Kef or some other concentric type design.
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    Subwoofers with built in PEQ

    Where did you get this information? Can you link to it or some comparisons?
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    Size does matter for music?

    Your 15" driver likely had a crossover at or below 200hz. I'd be surprised if it were even that high. Maybe check to see what the crossover was/is to be sure if it's in the area where you are now having issues.
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    Kef LS60 wireless review by ErinsAudioCorner

    Hardly. If you want loud go get some JBLs, passive of active, JTR, or RTJ etc.... It's one of the best speakers you can get in its class for its intended use.
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    Kef LS60 wireless review by ErinsAudioCorner

    I guess you're into hearing damage then? Even 90db over a period of time causes hearing damage. I find 80-85db to be the about the most I care to listen at. There's nothing to not like about these speakers when used as Kef intended them to be used for.
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    The search for atmos/height speakers

    I use the single speaker model of these- I have a small room and they work well for overhead sound effects 5.2.2 setup. I had to boost the levels quite a bit though. Light and easy to mount. You could easily mount them with...
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    R11 Meta plus Amp or 8361A

    The Genelec are incredibly ugly, so if it were me I wouldn't want to be able to see them. The Kefs look great and sound great. They would be my pick. Plus there's always a little more risk with speakers with built in amps.
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    Portable HiFi/small PA system - Devialet Phantom I? And a light show to boot.
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