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  1. J

    Dr. Edgar Choueiri explains BACCH

    How does BACCH enhance the spatial realism in the reproduction of acoustical recordings made in real acoustical environments? Crosstalk cancellation (XTC) techniques, such as BACCH, suppress the sound recorded on the left (right) channel of a stereo recording at the right (left) ear of the...
  2. S

    Crosstalk Cancellation (XTC) and Colouration very much different because you are listening to my pinna frequency shaping. The objective here is to hear the difference in the 3 segments and do you hear the so called extreme colouration that BACCH claimed to be associated with non BACCH XTC...
  3. Purité Audio

    Dutch&Dutch add ‘uBacch’ to their 8C active loudspeaker

    ‘The Ear’ reviews Dutch&Dutch’s 8c with Bacch Keith
  4. O

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    ...former is less fatiguing than the latter. This is true irrespective of the artist's or sound engineer's intent. That is why most people with BACCH, especially those using head-tracking with in-ear mics, prefer BACCH over no BACCH for nearly all the songs that they listen to. I have tried...
  5. S

    BACCH and other XTC

    Anyone here who is using BACCH or other crosstalk cancellation such as Ruark or Weiss and many others to list your speakers model, distance to listener and if possible the room RT. I am trying to understand why some users cannot get the XTC work in their system. I will start with mine...
  6. B

    Dutch&Dutch add ‘uBacch’ to their 8C active loudspeaker

    Interesting: “A smaller, 6C is in development”
  7. Gwreck

    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    I wonder if @grimaurfer I wonder if Grimsurfer is still so angry at BACCH nearly 4 years later? BACCH may be cross talk cancellation but is also effective for troll talk enhancement.
  8. Gwreck

    Does anyone here use an Ambisonic playback system?

    BACCH has a mixer for ambisonic to binaural
  9. Gwreck

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    I have BACCH so I suspect what this comment comes from is That Dr. Choueiri has helped set up BACCH many overpriced and underperforming “audiophile” system of other BACCH owners. It seems faint praise as the a giant Tekton speaker potentially performed better than other overpriced garbage. For...
  10. Gwreck

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    In my listening room I have 2 set of speakers that I have run BACCH through Martin Logan B100 bookshelves and Sander’s ESL’s. BACCH works well for both but better on the Sanders as they are the most directional speaker on can buy. On the ML’’s I get 10-15 db XTc and 20+ db on the Sanders. Good...
  11. D

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    If you read some of the comments, you can see the fanboys are eating it up!
  12. J

    Electrostatic speakers?

    If you are putting BACCH crosstalk cancelation DSP in the same category as cable lifters there really is no point in conversing with you any further.
  13. J

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    I have Martin Logan 13a's. The sweet spot is inches wide. Like I said, it can get tiring trying to stay in it. With the BACCH headtracking you can make it as wide as you want. During the setup the program asks you to put your head in center location, then asks you to lean your head hard right...
  14. DWPress

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    I'll confess I haven't looked to much into BACCH mainly because it would be impossible to implement in my space. Isn't one of the considerations of BACCH that it is effective for a fixed LP only and doesn't do as well for speakers designed for a wider dispersion or your LP is bigger as in home...
  15. Blockader

    The bestiary of the most common (and debunked by science) audiophile myths

    ...stereo. But you what you hear is still a stereo recording which lacks the envelopment and spaciousness of a multichannel setup. I have tried BACCH too, it works with some recordings very well but it can't come close to a large immersive system even the designer of BACCH, Dr. Edgar Choueiri...
  16. S

    Stereo Crosstalk Elimination (reduction) Par Excellence!

    If you are referring to Chesky’s demo tracks then it would be unfair comparison as those recordings made with BACCH in mind.
  17. SonofJura

    BACCH4Mac Pro Edition - For those considering BACCH

    I have no affiliations to Theoretica. I am a customer and have to say that I too have gone on passionate posts elsewhere and I have contended with it in various ways. So I’m going to be as immature and flippant by taunting you! BACCH! BACCH! BACCH! BACCH! BACCH!
  18. T

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    Didn't have time yet to re-measure, but I Imported existing configuration and now I have the old reflection points. I assumed that when I'm upgrading the software the data is migrated also and with fine changes to the algorithm the plot changes with this migration. Does someone knows what XTC...
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