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    It seems my ears are not made for IEMs, as I have sealing issues with every single IEM I've tried - any advice?

    People with hearing loss use aids which are similar to IEMs, my 98 y.o. mother in law had aids which kept falling out and the audiologist was no help(just a lazy SOB), recently when at a checkup a new person dealt with her and said that these don't seem to fit well do you have problems ...?, we...
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    Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M/HIFIMAN EF400/Topping DX7 Pro+for T5 3rd?

    If you want to avoid the inconvenience of having to deal with connecting RCA cables, power adapters (and power board) then a combo unit with a built in power supply would be preferable such as the DX5 (~700 AUD) there is a DX5 lite (~550AUD), DAC Magic(DAC only?? ~1100AUD), HIFIman (~1000AUD)...
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    Musical artists who evolve?

    Ray, I have noticed you have referenced Zappa at times, I am also a fan of his and have the vinyl of Freak Out and more, my first was Mothermania, a compilation, wasn't easy to get in Australia in late 60s and 70s. My daughter (31 yo) has known every word to the songs of "Cruising with Ruben and...
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    is there music you can hit PLAY on track 1 and just let it roll?

    I actually always still listen to the whole album, a habit from buying vinyl in the 60's, as I had paid for the music as a teenager I was going to get value, I certainly rued some choices I made as it was expensive when a student, I guess I wore the needle out on the favoured albums and that was...
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    is there music you can hit PLAY on track 1 and just let it roll?

    went to a concert and Ian Anderson introduced with "just going to play a song from our new album", about 40 minutes later...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    I'm going to pass on this offer. not sure whether its the saving on one or a pair the savings are attractive. at least 5 cars worth, small holiday shack maybe, however at $10/week that's 8710 weeks or 167+ years
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    Portable HiFi/small PA system - Devialet Phantom I?

    Congratulations on knowing 20 people. Every time I have tried to get more than 5 people to listen to music at least 3 start a conversation and don't really listen. With 20 that goes to 7 or 8 conversations at the one time (excluding the guy talking to himself) you turn the music up - they just...
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    Hi-fi Ethernet cable - does it help with network streamer?

    No-one has mentioned the twists. CAT 3, CAT 5 its all in the twist.
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    Why do humans like jazz?

    Jazz? Relentless (Danny Gatton and Joey DeFrancesco) is fantastic, never in charts but if you hear it, it will be in your chart pm?
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    Can RPi4 based player benefit sonically with an improved PSU??

    PSU iprovements? rather than electricity, waiting for it
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    HBB X KZ PR2 Planar IEM

    Rubidium is a group 1 alkali metal similar to Sodium and Potassium, ie very low melting point, highly reactive and non magnetic and would not form any stable alloy. The googled article has Rubidium in its title and first few paragraphs. In a reading of the main article there is no mention of...
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    Big math/science results within easy reach

    To my eyes with a ruler 1.0 mm looks the same as 0.9 mm, my micrometer might get to tell between 1.00 and 0.99. I have always wanted my own set of J blocks. I would highly recommend this book, it describes the developments in reducing tolerances in the making of things. The paperback is cheap...
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    Big math/science results within easy reach

    limits need something to approach a value, often 0 or ∞ (its reciprocal? = big philosophical argument there ) or any other number the number 0.99999... (infinitely recurring) needs to be regarded as a series ie a sum of terms 0.99999... = 0.9 + 0.09 + 0.009 + 0.0009 + ....(infinitely recurring)...
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    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    Yes the SEAS tweeter is as you described, I was dragged into audio by a mate (both 16) , when we went to Encel he had to get a Rotel 610? and a Seas tweeter and 2 x 8" woofers, i had to make the cabinets and solder the crossovers. I went to uni, he got a job and could afford a pair of BOSE 901s...
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    Will consumer audio take over the hifi scene?

    @restorer-john in 1970 while in high school went to Encels, in Bridge rd Richmond. Alex Encel ran the show bought a JH turntable+Grace arm + shure cartridge $120, a Rotel 210? receiver $108 and a diy SEAS kit, tweeter and 10 '' woofer ~$200. Advice then was to spend half on speakers. Later...
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    Best Guitarists Evah!!!

    Best Lenny Breau, virtuoso 2nd Danny Gatton, ("World's greatest unknown guitarist" : Les Paul) honorable mention: Buddy Emmons (pedal steel)
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    Need a Media Server, like Plex but even more idiot proof. Suggestions?

    If you don't have/want internet access or/and don't have wired/wireless network between media files and TV then a powered USB hub can connect the chromecast and the HD storage. This has been known to work as long as the hub provided the required power to both as well as USB connectivity. The...
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    Need a Media Server, like Plex but even more idiot proof. Suggestions?

    Solutions would depend on the "network". What is it physically?
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    Portable DAC/Amp with parametric EQ - what's out there? Needs USB input - Under US $600

    sorry didn't see Iphone mentioned, ignore previous see
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    Portable DAC/Amp with parametric EQ - what's out there? Needs USB input - Under US $600

    What will be the source? PC or phone or .....? Can't PEQ can be done at the source rather than DAC/Amp? I understand that USB Audio Player Pro has a PEQ plugin for instance!
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