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    Topping DX5 Lite not turning on - clicking sound

    Thanks for your reply! Sadly, this device has an internal power supply so I’m hosed if that has gone bad.
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    Topping DX5 Lite not turning on - clicking sound

    Hi everyone, I recently came into possession of a used Topping DX5 Lite. It will not turn on. I have tried multiple IEC cables, working outlets to no avail. Further, when I power on the device (or try to), I hear a clicking noise not through the outputs but from the device itself. That says...
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    Centrance R4 Portable Audio Interface Review

    Man. As a happy user of multiple CEntrance products in the past, all of which likely performed better than this device, this really just makes me sad. I can unsubscribe to his emails now.
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    Apos announces FiiO R7

    Would love to see measurements. Maybe I will buy mine for drop shipping to Amir. Does anybody know how that works?
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    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Sorry if I missed this elsewhere in the thread, but if I hook up an external ADC to this and make it available as a local network streaming source (uPnP?), at what sample rate would it stream? I would love to see 24/96 or some other quality that beats AirPlay. Trying to use this for local...
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    Topping E30 II DAC Review

    So what happened? I have an E30 and the optical input has some issues.
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