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    'skinny X-3800H' without the amp?

    oh nice, RZ50 isnt listed on the Dirac website, but what license is included? just looking at the 3800H list you can get: 1. Dirac Live Room Correction Limited Bandwidth 2. Dirac Live Room Correction Full Bandwidth 3. Dirac Live Bass Control Single Subwoofer 4. Dirac Live Bass Control Multi...
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    'skinny X-3800H' without the amp?

    The Denon AVR x-3800H which fits my processing/preamp needs but I already have a stack of outlaw 2200 monoblocks set aside for this. Kind of annoying that they don't just let you buy it without the amps. Is there a more affordable option that provides: - volume control over HDMI ARC - 5.1 (or...
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    add physical attributes to review data?

    It would be nice to be able to sort reviews by headphone mass. The weight of the cable (if detachable) may also be relevant if it's on the beefy side. ##### Background: I'm in the market for a full-size closed-back similar in weight to my ether 2. After my experience with multiple "high-end"...
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    AI Animates Old Photos

    Good question. When my brother was modeling, he would sometimes spend a full day with one company. I feel like some kind of 'pose-interpolation', if there is such a thing, would cut down the time for certain contracts to less than a day, which would be interesting for models that might then be...
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    private bluetooth listening: looking for a turnkey solution

    I set up a system with apt-x LL to watch tv and movies during times when my partner is sleeping nearby. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! What I have tried: tt-ba014 (apt-x low latency) btr1k (apt-x low latency) Issues: no matter how many times I factory/reset the tt-ba014, it...
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    new sony pcm-d100s available at

    $675 shipped via DHL Express to the US.
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    Opinions on the music-discovery performance of current streaming services (and how to get the most out of them)?

    Sure, we all have a stash of cd rips and high-res content that was repeatedly vetted and benchmarked on various gear... But nothing compares to the thrill of hearing something for the first time that fits so perfectly in the moment. As someone who does ml by day (outside the entertainment...
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    wow, how did i miss this? not only do they have input for my digital transport (my real focus here is to turn my apt into a live-in lab for homebrew dsp), but also balanced analog inputs, and at a price comparable to the vanatoos! why have these not been measured here!?!
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    Thanks, I'm tempted to go with this for all reasons listed above. Any reason to get one of the Kanto offerings (all seem to have DAC) over these Vanatoos? I noticed that both companies offer a sub (which I would def consider) but I did not see a crossover freq adjustment on the vanatoo
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    Wow, nice. The fact that it's an unbeatable value for reproduction almost makes it like a free recording interface :D
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    Thanks, I had a look at some measurement reviews of the 3 series and found various comments about the Kali IN-8, in all cases a hiss was reported regardless of what filter configuration was tried at the jumpers. In the process I came across the Behringer B2031A (in both near and mid-field...
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    Thanks, @Dialectic. It would be great to hear your suggestions for analog. I just need to replace the hifiberry digi+ on the rpi4 with a HAT that includes a dac module and I'm good to go. I was kind of tempted to go the analog route and just splurge on a sonos five, but wanted digital as...
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    help finding some active speakers with S/PDIF input

    I'm not sure the following is even possible due to how high-frequency sound is perceived in off-axis listening configurations. In any case, here are the 'concept parameters': hardware/audio optical or coax digital input single speaker configuration available (maybe something like a sonos play...
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    Curious to know your ROON hardware

    I'm actually in the process of moving to a dedicated machine. Cases/Builds I'm looking at: HDPlex H3 Cirrus7 Nimbini
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    Help choosing rpi4 digital HAT (transport only)

    Thanks, @Ralph_Cramden. This is definitely a concern for me since my ADI-2 is hosting multiple devices. Would you mind stating which OS's (I am considering Volumio) you've tried (I'm assuming this issue persisted regardless of OS)?
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    Help choosing rpi4 digital HAT (transport only)

    wow, this is basically the world's smallest recording interface... looks awesome!
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