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    Would it be ok to control power to a Fosi Audio BT20A Pro with a smart plug?

    With the very scientific and accurate method of plugging the amp and unplugging it, i can confirm for my BT30D Pro does not send any pops to my speakers. I can also hear a relay going in and out, assuming it does something to prevent current inrush or some other protection. I also think the...
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    Amp recommendation - Fosi vs Topping (or others?)

    I am looking to get a new amp. My current audio setup is as follows: PC > Fosi K5 Pro > Fosi BT30D Pro > (2x) JBL Control 25AV I bought my current Amp thinking I'd buy a subwoofer, turns out i am satisfied with my current speakers so i'll be skipping the subwoofer. I plan to get the Topping...
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