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    Classical ♫ Music only | Some you listen now or recently, some you love...

    Fanfare was taken from Coplands Sym # 3. Check out the Symphony its very good
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Yeah the only thing that affects the sound is speakers
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    Tech Reviewer: Do Bad Reviews Kill Companies?

    Yes thats why they pay for good reviews by their advertising
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    Poll: Where are you guys from?

    I'm in Westchester County. Best pizza in the world ;)
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    Serious Question: How can DAC's have a SOUND SIGNATURE if they measure as transparent? Are that many confused?

    The only components that have audible differences (not sure about turntables) are speakers. Thats it
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    Near Field system at Vacation Condo

    Yeah the TEAC CD player is nice. Love the small size. Back home I have it next to my computer with both feeding the DAC
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    Near Field system at Vacation Condo

    Yeah that looks cool for traveling! I drove to the condo from NY to Fla for a several weeks stay so I was able to pack the components.
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    Near Field system at Vacation Condo

    Dont all comment at once :rolleyes:
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    Near Field system at Vacation Condo

    Just setup this impromptu "near field" system on coffee table at condo I'm visiting. Soundavo headphone amp, Teac CD, Presonus speakers. I'm like 3 feet from speakers as I listen on couch. Sounds great. Just thought I'd share
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    Can anyone explain the 8-track renaissance?

    Yeah i kind of agree. I'm 64 and remember well playing 8 tracks in the car circa 1980 or so. I remember the Jethro Tull 8 tracks from Chrysalis with the bright green color scheme! My fathers stereo had an 8 track and I used to tape live concerts from the radio to 8 track. Fun times
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    The Truth About Vinyl Records

    But what about those pesky crackles and pops in the LP's ? CD's are quiet
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    Looking for headphones similar to AKG K 240DF

    I recently bought the 371's. Very satisfied with them. Thanks
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    does anyone listen to Taylor Swift? tell me what the draw is

    I can honestly say i never heard a single song from her and as far as looks go I've seen a lot better. I do find her boyfriend Kelce very annoying though
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    Isn't it great that people can have world class sound quality for so little money!

    I think solo piano recordings can come very close to Piano in the room sound quality.
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    NAD 3050 or Marantz Model 30

    That was part of the etc. ;)
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    Low $100s to $1000s. Is there a significant difference for home audio? Why pay more?

    I just bought the K371's. So far so good. comfortable and no issues with quality
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    NAD 3050 or Marantz Model 30

    Receivers, Amps etc should be bought on features, build quality, ergonomics, power requirements etc. Sonically they are all the same. Until someone does a legit double blind showing amps can sound different and be identified by the testers thats my story and Im sticking to it!
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    Am I mad? Judge me...and leave a recommendation.

    Tube amps are cool. Not worth the trouble though with blown tubes etc. SS for me all day
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