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    Chinese phono pre-amps?

    Heres my suggestion. Follow the modding suggestions on this page
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    Luxman SQ-N150 Review (Tube Amplifier)

    What a lazy power supply design. All my tube builds get a Maida regulator for B+.
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    Luxman SQ-N150 Review (Tube Amplifier)

    This is why I only keep tubes in the preamp section.
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    What phono pre would you like to see tested next?

    I have an iFi Zen Phono I can lend out for testing. I'll even include the balanced cable too.
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    Schiit Mani 2 Review (Phono Stage)

    How would this compare to the iFi Zen Phono ? Edit: Found my answer here in case anyone else is wondering. The Zen measures better but I'm sure they both sound good.
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    Wolf's Measurements of Gustard A18 DAC

    No optical input is heartbreaking. Its the only way to get audio from my Samsung OLED.
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    Rythmik L12 Subwoofer Review

    Looking for some advice. Would it be better to get 2 L12’s or 1 F12SE ? My room is a big 40ft x 20ft x 15ft “L” shape.
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    DIY Purifi Amp builds

    Can you share the DXF file you provided to Modushop ? I'm in the process of ordering the same case. Thanks.
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