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    “The Sensible Sound” magazine the ASR forum of pre-internet days?

    I still have my collection of The Audio Critic back issues and enjoy going back through them from time to time. Fortunately, all can be downloaded free online: So much of what cycles through this forum and elsewhere was addressed by...
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    Bricasti M1SE Stereo DAC Review

    I remember the magic pens, sprays, and tray mats for cds, as if those 1s and 0s could be improved:) Wasn’t the first play in digital to play on our familiarity with vinyl? Then it was an obsession around jitter that’s been resolved over and over.
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    Bricasti M1SE Stereo DAC Review

    I don’t have a problem with how people choose to spend their dollars on audio gear. I would welcome reviews of $10,000 speakers. DACs above some much lower $ threshold are just not worth the bandwidth, as the threshold of audibility and state of the art already are well established. It continues...
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    Bricasti M1SE Stereo DAC Review

    Don’t disagree, but why are these particular, high priced devices reviewed here? If someone want ls to pay a massive premium for non-audible factors, more power to them, but I don’t see how reviews help the crowd.
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    Bricasti M1SE Stereo DAC Review

    I still don’t understand why four and five digit $ DACs are being reviewed. Just gives oxygen to the notion that a ridiculously priced DAC is necessary for HiFI. If the performance is state of the art, which it absolutely should be, so what? Not audible, and state of the art is widely available...
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    Many subwoofers yet little bass

    Per photos at, it's just parametric EQ. Not hard to find out there, either built in a sub or in a receiver. A quick look at the manufacturer's website,, shows a reel-to-reel with vacuum tubes as a...
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    Speaker advice setup..

    "should I put these 3 on a separate amp"? The 8600s are spec'd 6 ohms nominal, and your receiver has a 6 ohm power rating, so you can give it a try! Whether the speakers will play loud enough and cleanly for you in that room will depend on several factors. How many decibels do you want (and...
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    Humble upgrade question

    There are so many variables with vinyl. Are you sure the cartridge is and arm are properly aligned and weighted? Is the ‘table speed accurate? Are the records clean? Even if yes to all of these, cartridges and records have a limited lifespan and wear out unfortunately.
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    Quality Stereo 3.5mm male to male Cables

    Shielding can be important to. And to be clear, we’re not talking about expensive snake oil cables.
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    Is Anthem overrated? Considering switching to Denon

    I was just browsing the online manuals for the current Anthem models. Can anyone confirm that they no longer have the Anthem Cinema and Music upmixing modes?
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    Is Anthem overrated? Considering switching to Denon

    I don’t remember the Google requirement with ARC Genesis, though maybe that’s just an alternative to creating a separate Anthem account. That sucks if Google account linking is now required! Yes, ARC allows saving multiple profiles. Whether more than one can be uploaded to the receiver though...
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    Is Anthem overrated? Considering switching to Denon

    “What I don't like about Anthem's upmixers is, they basically pretend the center channel is not there.” For sure that’s the case with Anthem “Music” mode, but on my MRX 730, Anthem “Cinema” mode uses the center. I presume Anthem did that as a marketing distinction for stereophiles.
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    Is Anthem overrated? Considering switching to Denon

    I have been very happy with ARC through several generations. I, too, find it very easy to use. I tried Dirac Live and never could get the subs and mains to balance right. Drove me crazy. It felt like I was changing phone operating systems:) All that said, I only apply EQ up to the transition...
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    Quality Stereo 3.5mm male to male Cables

    Worlds Best Cable sells quality options on Amazon in a variety of different cable designs and configurations. If you search, you can find test results for various options from Mogami, Canare, etc., and choose based on your requirements. I needed some short rca cables that had effective RF...
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    Quality Stereo 3.5mm male to male Cables Solid and reasonably priced.
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    Wharfedale EVO 4.4 vs KEF R3

    I own the Evo 4.4s and the larger F36s. I use the Wharfedales in my 11.2.4 theater room and the Revels in my two channel living room. I like them both, though slightly prefer the 4.4s. These are just my subjective impressions: the 4.4s seem to have a more prominent midrange that I find...
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    New Schiit SYN - Analog Surround Sound Processor

    Hmmn, such as? A slide rule?! Is this marketing? Have we gotten to the point that analogphiles won't tolerate product development via digital computing?!
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    what are our thoughts on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" (March 1973)?

    Ok, you share which one is your PF fav now:) Love Ten, too, and that's a fun Atmos mix. You got my hopes up on Radiohead being available in Atmos, but checking got me listening in the home theater room, so thanks!
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