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    UAPP Toneboosters PEQ setting

    Thanks a lot, very helpful.
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    UAPP Toneboosters PEQ setting

    Hi everyone! I am a newbie when comes to equalization, I hope someone can help me out here... I have purchased UAPP (I am using G5 connected to Android smartphone via USB) just recently. Up to now I have been using fixed band graphic EQs only. I would like to set up my Toneboosters PEQ in...
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    Dirac DLP with Roon resampling issue

    Hi everyone! I am using Roon's output to Dirac DLP. Dirac DLP is detected by Roon via WASAPI. After signal processing, DLP sends the signal to RME ADI-2-DAC (ASIO). I've noticed that the sample rate has to be set (fixed) in Dirac DLP. Whatever content is played in Roon, Roon is then resampling...
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