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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    Search interface in Audio Electronics here: Not much different than using active studio monitors with audio interface. Is there any multichannel movie audio processor preamp people use with monoblocks?
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    Beyerdynamic DT 880 600 Ohm Review (Headphone)

    Amir doesn't tell the tracks he's testing so can't be sure, but you probably are playing music that has very little below 50 Hz content that his EQ boosts
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    What heat fault are you referring to? Some other Topping device? Which one? I actually got L50 to replace A30pro since they have similar output power, but L50 produces less heat. DC protection is a feature, not issue. I use high pass filter at very low frequencies with Equalizer APO to make...
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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    If it was not clear, who is Erin? What youtube channel? What is it about? Why should I watch it?
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    Topping A30Pro Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    L30II is the most value choice for you. L50 and A30pro most likely will sound quieter with unbalanced line out DAC that you have.
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    Topping A30Pro Review (Balanced Headphone Amp)

    You want low output impedance, A30pro and most other Topping amps check this box. Consider Topping L50 - similar power, but gets less hot. A30pro has faint buzz when turned off and your room is extremely quiet (no AC fans running, dead quiet).
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    Sennheiser HD560S Review (Headphone)

    Applying EQ you can make a lot of heapdhones sound good given they have low enough distortion. 560S has pretty low distortion, but there is not much info about it for 599. Perhaps it's similar to 598 SE measured here which is a lot worse than 590S at low frequencies region
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Wanted to get rid of equipment stacks on the desk and tried to use just Audient iD4 with 560S, but that combo sounded different. Indeed it seems the high output impedance of iD4 coupled with impedance curve of 560S boosts both very high and low frequencies: Audient iD4 has plenty power, but I...
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    Audiophile hobby is a scam?

    No, headphone systems are excellent value at low cost, especially if you can and know how to use equalizer.
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    Audiophile hobby is a scam?

    Are you talking about speaker systems? With headphones you can get low distortion (including in bass frequency area) for low cost.
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    Sennheiser HD560S Review (Headphone)

    You can get really nice bass from 590S if you use EQ. I've used Oratory EQ preset with Equalizer APO + lots of boost at low frequencies.
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    Topping E2x2 Audio Interface Review

    I keep checking Amazon and Thomann, but nothing yet. Has there been any developments in distributing it in Europe?
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Wow you changed frequency response of headphones by running them too loud? Is there some foam tips anybody could recommend from EU amazon?
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    New Sennheiser HD490 Pro

    I think the question was, which one has better airflow, has cooler temperature for ears
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    Headphone tuning HD 560s and AKG 271 Studio

    You can use DAW VST or you can use Equalizer APO (if you use Windows) to tune whole OS output to target EQ. APO has Q factor. Which VST do you use?
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Micrphone on a laptop screen might not produce the most reliable results. Run multiple (10x+) measurements, average them, check standard deviation. Otherwise good effort.
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    See if you can hear some annoying peaks with this
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Try sharp negative notch at 7 kHz gain -8.5 Q 10. Another sharp notch I've tried is 8350 Hz Q 10 -8 dB. May be my own hearing. With both filters on some harsh tracks have less pinginess, but I've disabled them for regular listening.
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    Sennheiser HD560s Owner's Thread.

    Release (old) 560S Preamp: -12.5 dB Filter: ON LS Fc 130 Hz Gain 10 dB Filter: ON PK Fc 150 Hz Gain -1.1 dB Q 0.8 Filter: ON PK Fc 1320 Hz Gain -2.8 dB Q 1.6 Filter: ON PK Fc 1850 Hz Gain 2.2 dB Q 1.3 Filter: ON PK Fc 3230 Hz Gain -1.1 dB Q 4 Filter: ON PK Fc 4450 Hz Gain -3.2 dB Q 5.713...
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