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    Magnepan Tweeter: Repair/Replace

    Now that sucks... Ohms
  2. AudiOhm

    Need Help on Hagerman VacuTrace

    Did you buy it used? Is this the manual? VacuTrace Ohms
  3. AudiOhm

    Please recommend components for my first DIY project

    Speaker design can be very complicated and in depth. I would consider buying a complete package before designing your own. There are many sites that will supply the cabinet, drivers, crossovers etc. Parts Express Madisound Solen CSS Ohms
  4. AudiOhm

    Question about YouTube........

    I hope I can wake up tomorrow... Ohms
  5. AudiOhm

    Out of Phase

    Depending on the associated equipment with many interconnect cables, it is possible that one of the cables is incorrect. Example an interconnect that has the +/- reversed in the connector... Ohms
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    Anybody with M-Audio Delta 1010lt card?

    I found a drawing for the cable, but I used Google... Ohms
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    A recommendation for inrush current limiter for a system because of a lot of switching power supplies

    I should of added, what specific equipment do you have in your system? Do any of them have a trigger input? Ohms
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    A recommendation for inrush current limiter for a system because of a lot of switching power supplies

    When you say 'system' is that all of your equipment? If yes, wondering why all of your equipment would switch on at the same time... Ohms
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    NAD 3050 or Marantz Model 30

    Don't forget visual aesthetics... Ohms
  10. AudiOhm

    Weather Proof... I Wish I Was

    Are all your driver parameters correct? Ohms
  11. AudiOhm

    NAD 3050 or Marantz Model 30

    What speakers are you using? Ohms
  12. AudiOhm

    Not audio related. My dog just killed a skunk

    I have had 3 dogs in the past 30 years, all of them have been sprayed by skunks. There is only 1 guaranteed solution, Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. "Chemist Paul Krebaum discovered a solution that changes the odorous thiols into odorless acids, thereby chemically neutralizing...
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    Which gauge?

    This is always a good read... Ohms
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    Legacy 1 Speakers value.

    Welcome to ASR. Do you have an image of the speakers that you could post? HiFi Shark will give you an asking price, as for value a lot depends on condition, any alterations could decrease value from original... Link to Legacy-1 Circa 1983, stock photo... Ohms
  15. AudiOhm

    desktop speaker placement symmetry

    Your 2 links are not working... Ohms
  16. AudiOhm

    Trigger connector for Bryston 3B-SST

    Looks like a Phoenix Connector Phoenix Connector Amazon Phoenix Connector Parts Express Ohms
  17. AudiOhm

    Best China speaker parts supplier for DIY on AliExpress, any valued recommendations?

    As mentioned above Solen would be your best bet in Canada. I have used them for years to purchase all my drivers and crossover components. Ohms
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    A lot of things have changed. In Track and Field you commonly hear, 9.58s as 9 point fifty-eight seconds. I grew up with this pronunciation, 9.58 as 9 point five eight seconds... Ohms
  19. AudiOhm

    Speakers: Technology Vs Implementation

    Different manufacturers have a multitude of differently educated engineers/designers, therefore you will see a difference in material (soft hard/dome/ribbon etc.) I made my own speakers, that I like, based on my personal opinion of what I think is best, no ribbon tweeter in my designs, that...
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