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    Loxjie D40 Pro DAC & HP Amp Review

    I ordered a unit based on this review and the similarity in design and build to another DAC I own, the Anedio D2 (similar design philosophy as Topping/SMSL/Loxjie/Gustard and similar made-in-china high SINAD DACs but US-based company and released ~10 years earlier). Subjectively, I can't tell...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I have to know which genius thought up this bizarre contraption:
  3. fffffgggg54

    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers - II

    Preference for D. Looking at the graphs makes sense why. Final decision based on the piano track and tonality relative to original. D sounded the least recessed (quieter, not as “full” a sound) in the higher parts of the clip, especially compared to B and C. A sounded ever so slightly recessed...
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    Youtube is running ads against my channel :(

    There is an add on for Firefox, chrome, and edge called YouTube nonstop. Seems to fix the issue. Similar disruptive features seem to have become a trend with some websites. (Can I please check Yelp without having to download the app on my phone?)
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    Advice needed: moving to class D

    I would hope that Marantz knows what they are doing. I would not trust the Alibaba that the unit OP linked to have an unearthed chassis.
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    Advice needed: moving to class D

    I mean are you set on having bass and treble switches, or would you entertain the idea of using a digital parametric eq? Not sure if that would be an option though, as I am unsure of what sources you use. This would be possible if you use streaming services or have an offline music library. Not...
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    Advice needed: moving to class D

    Man this thing is a beauty. IMO tasteful styling compared to some of their other amps. Are you set on hardware EQ? AFAIk the OPA1656 op amps measure better than the NE5532 ones. The difference is negligible and performance should be limited by power supply noise among other things...
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    System costs... How much do you have invested in your primary music system?

    2-channel: Anedio D2 (used $500) - Stewart Audio PA-50B (used $30) - Klipsch Quartet (used $350) Headphone: Anedio D2 (used $500) - HD6xx (new $200)
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    Artists you like who are famous in your country but who are virtually unknown to the rest of the world

    Lao Lang (老狼, transliterates to "old wolf") was popular in China, particularly in the mid to late 90's, during which his music was commonly played on college campuses. Many of his songs have messages that resonate well with college students, such as growing up and romance. This album is called...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This Saw this as the first suggested item after that. 37k pounds new for what looks like some poorly done tubing job. My UL compliant power cables retail for 1/1000th of that, are longer and easier to work with, and don’t have some supposed “source component...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    Either way both dacs way outperform the limits of other electronics and human hearing. Exotic street cars designed to be able to reach 250mph/400kmph or more doesn’t mean it will ever go more than 100/160, or even driven much at all for that matter. I will say that the dCS and other 10k+ units...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    On the topic of snake oil and audiophile clocks: Source dCS Rossini Player 2.0: $30,000 ★ dCS Rossini Clock: $9000 ★ Boasting the updated version of the company's signature Ring DAC, the dCS Rossini Player combines a Red Book CD drive with multiple digital inputs and a UPnP network player. The...
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    Headphones around the $200 with 'FUN' sound signature.

    I agree with this. They perform well and feel pretty comfortable. The center of headband discomfort you mentioned is solved by a recessed area in the center of the pad. Personally for comfort I have Dekoni velour pads on them that came bundled with the headphone when they were on sale. My ears...
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    Pics you’ve taken,

    Squirrel eating crushed peanuts in the rain
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I'm not that familiar with the watch market/industry but a quick search brought me to Omega's line of quarts watches. From my quick glance, the money goes into exotic materials (gold, diamonds), branding/brand prestige, production in based in Switzerland, not, say, China, and...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    (My humble opinion and a lengthy explanation follows, this is not an attack or provocation of any form) TL/DR: No and no. Price can be justified for appearance/prestige if that is what you desire. For boutique products (probably six figures or more), you pay for their reinvent-the-wheel...
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    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    6moons comes to mind when it comes to BS, same department as stereophile. Same products 2+ figures more than they should cost. Can’t find it but I remember seeing a policy posted on their site basically saying “purchase an ad and we review your product.” Questionable incentives for sure. Edit...
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