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  1. Digital Mastering System

    Your hearing is not that good… Sorry, it’s just not

    We all used to think a new vinyl record sounded good. A look at the ASR Phono Cartridge Measurement Library database shows that state-of-the-art phono setup has about 0.3% THD best case. Frequency response can be pretty good, certainly to 10KHz or so. - But the overall Signal to Noise ratio...
  2. Digital Mastering System

    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    Anything with banjo. Especially annoying: banjo in Jazz. Also not a big fan of sax.
  3. Digital Mastering System

    (Audiophile) americana and country music? Who likes it? Recommendations?

    Check out SOMAFM streaming channel "Boot Liquor". All the songs mention booze somehow. (and/or broken hearts, momma, and cheat'n) Very humorous and great music.
  4. Digital Mastering System

    minimizing THD

    I like the feedback answer, but more accurately what we need is high open loop gain in the pass band, like 100db. It's also nice to minimize distortion as much as possible in the topology of the circuit, by proper design and layout. D. Self And R. Cordell have both written great books that...
  5. Digital Mastering System

    Audioengine N22 Amplifier Review

    The Aphex exciter was invented when Kurt Knoppel (sp?) miswired a Dynaco St70 by accident and generated huge 2nd harmonic distortion. He liked what he heard and made a business around it.
  6. Digital Mastering System

    ASR-style Setup at Audio Show

    12 bit perfectly dithered 50k Samples/sec sounds better than state-of-the art analog tape IMHO. Much better (perfect) time-base and perfect frequency response. Both things are very hard to get right on analog tape. Noise is about the same. Some hiss. So what, really. Now we have dead...
  7. Digital Mastering System

    So, which center should I get???

    KEF is the way to go. Just get something like this:
  8. Digital Mastering System

    Phono Cartridge Response Measurement Script

    I think we can all agree - this whole stylus - soft vinyl groove thing is a disaster. I am so happy I have Roon, Chromecast, and a good DAC. (and I have a SP-10 with a V15-MR Jico, - which is never used.)
  9. Digital Mastering System

    How good is your PCM sine wave test tone? Niven's theorem is your friend.

    Back when we made test tones for the 3M Digital Mastering System, we would make a EPROM with the sine wave in it. We would try to make each sin different so eventually we would test nearly all the numbers in 16 bits. For example, if we had a 16K Byte (16384) EPROM and we wanted about 1K Hz at...
  10. Digital Mastering System

    $30K Budget - On the quest for my "end game" speaker

    Just try to not like 'Boot Liquor', on Soma FM. It will change your mind.
  11. Digital Mastering System

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Well, if you analyze a C-2 preamplifier you will see the tone control section is extremely poorly designed, almost criminally so. I had to bypass it entirely when I did a recap and opamp roll - I installed a Doug Self tone control - and it was perfect. I doubt Carver had any hand in this...
  12. Digital Mastering System

    TV Series Suggestion Please

    Agreed. Watched this at my university's film society. It's great and at least 40hrs long.
  13. Digital Mastering System

    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    I bought them. I tried all the tips and none worked (both ears). I guess I need a custom molded fit. Sent them back. Damn.
  14. Digital Mastering System

    ASR-style Setup at Audio Show

    It's true. Well dithered 12bit can sound darn good. It's technically on par with analog tape and even better re wow and flutter. It's just a wee bit noisy. I heard this demonstrated by Stan Lipshitz, or was it J. Vanderkooy?
  15. Digital Mastering System

    Help Creating a Capacitor Check "checklist"

    Very nice. I could fly that thing with my eyes closed.
  16. Digital Mastering System

    Help Creating a Capacitor Check "checklist"

    I always liked all the HP test equipment we had, - except scopes - for that I prefer Tektronix and LeCroy. Unfortunately (not really, it's nice), my daily driver is a dual mode Philips 4 channel.
  17. Digital Mastering System

    Help Creating a Capacitor Check "checklist"

    I luckily snagged one of these when my company went bankrupt: Not the nicest LCR meter I've used, but good enough for my home use. The nicest one...
  18. Digital Mastering System

    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    When I was a young engineer in the early '80s, I sat in on some Zubin Meta - CBS Masterworks recordings and mix downs with the producer Andy Kasdan. Kasdan used all 32 channels available on the recorder and premixed some of those - I think he had 50 mics out there. During mixdown to stereo of...
  19. Digital Mastering System

    Measuring distortion and modern tools

    Seems like the ticket these days for the A/D at least is this: Also Check this out: Aliexpress has several sources for these.
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