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  1. NTK

    Tekton style like tweeter array good idea?

    How Magico tested their M9 (weighs 1000 lb) with their NFS.
  2. NTK

    both RCA and XLR on some (or all DIY) Class D modules

    Assuming the amplifiers you are thinking about are based on the Hypex NCxxxMP series, it will depend on which Hypex amplifier module is used: Amplifier Module Input Voltage Required to Reach Maximum Rated Output NC122MP 1.17 Vrms NC250MP/NC252MP 1.66 Vrms NC500MP/NC502MP 2.35 Vrms...
  3. NTK

    Any Point In Upgrading Purifi Based Amp with Sparkos Opamps?

    Perhaps Bruno is cheap and he knows the difference is undetectable.
  4. NTK

    Any Point In Upgrading Purifi Based Amp with Sparkos Opamps?

    Snake oil. The Purifi evaluation kits, which are supposed to showcase their performance, use TI OPA1612 opamps. If you think Purifi doesn't know how to pick opamps, then why do you want to trust them with the rest of their amplifier design?
  5. NTK

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    No need to speculate. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of compressible gas flow will know that to get to sonic velocity, the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of the passage needs to be at least about 1.9 (dry air, ratio of inlet and outlet absolute pressures). To generate...
  6. NTK

    How to use Hypex Ncore NC122MP (NC252MP) in Mono BTL mode.

    Please see this post for the schematic of an adapter cable.
  7. NTK

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    You seem to have forgotten that big bass reflex port hole in you've designed into your speaker. Since the little holes for the feet have higher flow restriction than the reflex port, the air flow velocity in the port will have to be higher than the velocity through the little holes. Therefore...
  8. NTK

    Output Voltage Affect on Amp Power

    Quarter (= 1/4, [Edit] a difference of 6 dB), since power scales up/down with the square of voltage.
  9. NTK

    Does Phase Distortion/Shift Matter in Audio? (no*)

    Looks like your finding parallels those of this master's degree thesis project.
  10. NTK

    Upsampling 16/44.1 collection a good idea?

    To add more context to Melomane's reply ... The sampling rate of the impulse response for the FIR filter and the sampling rate of the music/sound source must be the same for convolution to work. Therefore, the sampling rate of source will have to be converted to the sampling rate of the FIR...
  11. NTK

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Regarding item 1, nowhere in Tekton's website could I find information regarding the reference axes of their loudspeakers. If the reference axis was not specified, the CTA-2034 standard says below. Therefore Amir's measurements were in fully compliance with the established standard.
  12. NTK

    Book/Material on different drivers

    You can find lots of information on BA drivers at Knowles.
  13. NTK

    both RCA and XLR on some (or all DIY) Class D modules

    It looks like it is just a switch. Also, from the spec in the Audiophonics site, the amp's sensitivity does not change with either input connector, which is another indicator that there is no active component in the circuit. The Hypex app notes also says that the RC circuit is optional for...
  14. NTK

    Audio components for connecting multiple subwoofers: Double Bass Array and DSP

    You only need 2 channels, one channel for the front subwoofers and one channel for the back. The principle behind double bass array is to generate and maintain a plane wave in the room, therefore the front subwoofers all produce the same sound (both magnitude and phase) as each other, and the...
  15. NTK

    mono summing to single active speaker

    You can DIY one with 3 resistors.
  16. NTK

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    Another precedent is the Elon Musk defamation case where he was sued for calling the British caver who helped with the rescue of 12 Thai boys trapped in a flooded cave "pedo guy" on social media. Musk won in this case.
  17. NTK

    intresting (phase) comparision of laser- and microfone meassurements of a (subwoofer) driver (and more)

    The acoustic pressure is generated by the acceleration of the air "particles" driven by the diaphragm, not displacement. When displacement is sinusoidal, differentiate it twice (to get the acceleration) and you end up with a sinusoid of reversed polarity. René's thread on this subject...
  18. NTK

    Master Thread: Are measurements Everything or Nothing?

    The problem with SA's test is that he should have recorded the amplifier output (the electrical output) to the speakers during his tests. It is so much easier and informative when you have the record of the actual electrical signal sent to the speakers, so that you can analyze it whichever way...
  19. NTK

    BACCH4Mac "Absolute Sounds Product of the Year 2024"

    Stick with facts, ma'am. Stop misrepresenting Toole. He didn't say upmixing is "more correct". Quote: ... I think I can end by quoting myself from the earlier post:" Ideally we want...
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