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    SVS SB-1000 Pro or 2 x Klipsch R121SW

    Thanks, I have returned the SB-100 Pro and ordered a Klipsch RP-1400SW. It seems the Denon 800H does not have the ability to apply a high pass filter and can only do a low pass. How will I connect the miniDSP to my system?
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    Denon DRA-800H Review (Stereo Receiver)

    I have recently bought this receiver, and I'm feeling a bit out of my depth here as my knowledge on this subject is lacking. I have read in this thread that its DAC's aren't that good. What are my options to better the sound to my speakers? I have a pair of Klipsch R-800F floor standing speakers...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Would speakers with 8" drivers need a High Pass filter? I have Klipsch R-800F mains and a SVS SB-2000 Pro sub. The sub is low passed at 80Hz through LFE, but my receiver does not have a high pass filer for the mains. Should I get a high pass for the main speakers, and if so which one?
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    SVS SB-1000 Pro or 2 x Klipsch R121SW

    Thanks for the informative responses so far. It is an open plan living room that includes an open plan kitchen and dining room. I don't really care if the the sound travels throughout the whole space as my listening position is quite close(9ft). I listen to pop/rock music mostly and I like...
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    SVS SB-1000 Pro or 2 x Klipsch R121SW

    I have just ordered a SVS SB-1000 Pro, but for a little bit more I can get 2 x Klipsch R121SW subs. I have a fairly large(30ft x 30ft) room. This is for a Stereo setup. I also ordered Klipsch R-800F floorstanding speakers. Should I change my order to the 2 x Klipsch R121SW, or should I stick...
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