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  1. JimBean

    Tidal vs Qobuz in 2024?

    Just recently switched to Tidal from Qobuz, saves me a couple dollars a month. I do like the fact that Tidal has more playlists than Qobuz. Also Tidal's recommendations seem a little better than Qobuz. I will be happy once all the MQA files are gone, but I'm sure that will take some time.
  2. JimBean

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    Wow. That is a weirdly personal bit of info dropped in a speaker intro video. Definitely not professional, and un-needed. Makes me wonder what the other party's viewpoint of the situation is.
  3. JimBean

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    Well, he ordered a VAC Statement Line Preamp, in custom silver flake finish, so I'm sure he believes it is totally worth all that money. He also made sure to note that his sister isn't going to get any of his money when he dies. So an all around great guy.
  4. JimBean

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    Even if I did play the lottery and won, I would never spend that much on a single piece of audio equipment. For a whole system, maybe. But this is all rhetorical.
  5. JimBean

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    In another forum I belong to, a member just mentioned buying an $83,000 preamp. Which I personally find a little disgusting as far as spending money goes. But it's not my money. Nor will I ever have that much to throw away on one stereo item.
  6. JimBean

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    I'm not sure if it actually helps, but my friend has a pair of Tekton speakers with a smaller array (can't remember which speaker model), and I personally think they sound pretty good. He bought them used about 5 years ago, and he seems to enjoy them. Personally I think the reaction of Eric...
  7. JimBean

    Spending big bucks on HiFi Audio

    I mean, if it's your money and you can afford it, go for it. I have spent a little more than I should have since getting into this hobby (disorder?) Although currently my Blu-Ray player (Oppo BDP-105) is currently the most expensive part of my system. My speakers I bought new during a black...
  8. JimBean

    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    I suppose I must consider myself very lucky because the standard tips on these give a pretty good seal in my ear. The bass is quite impressive. Tested them out with some hip-hop the other night. Way better than the wireless bluetooth earbuds I use for work, and those were $5 more than the Zero:2...
  9. JimBean

    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    I ordered these off amazon, still waiting on the Moondrop Dawn Pro dongle dac, but they sound pretty good listening to Qobuz on my phone via the headphone jack. So far I'm quite impressed for the price.
  10. JimBean

    Fosi V3 Style Preamplifier

    I'm currently using the original Schiit Saga, which I guess is now the Saga+. I got it for a good deal, normally not a fan of tubes outside of my guitar amps. The tube buffer just seems to boost the volume a bit, at least as far as I can tell. It's a really nice preamp. I'm very interested in...
  11. JimBean

    Do you refer to yourself as an 'audiophile'?

    No, I'm a music lover with some equipment that measures well and sounds good enough to me.
  12. JimBean

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Kind of. Check the images on the website, there's a spike on back that the grounding wire connects to. They're a downright bargain, they are.
  13. JimBean

    When did you last listen to live music

    I voted within the last year, although it actually was more like 18 months ago, I think. It was a 3 piece rock band that played after hours at the coffee shop I worked at. They were pretty good. Me and my friends listened outside, since the shop was pretty full by the time we showed up. Living...
  14. JimBean

    Fosi Audio ZA3 Amplifier Review

    Yeah, it's SKF15. Got it when I "spun" the coupon/discount wheel on the Fosi website a couple nights ago. Gonna pick up a 2nd unit once I get my tax refund.
  15. JimBean

    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    I voted Yes, but... My Oppo 105 is a great player and my Schiit DAC and headphone amp/stereo preamp are quite decent, speakers are probably a bit too big for my small trailer, but sound good to me. My amp is a Fosi ZA3, and powers the speakers pretty well. Headphones are Sennheiser HD650s, so...
  16. JimBean

    Show us your guitars!

    Some good points about buying from guitarcenter used online. It's a good idea to always call the store and ask about the item. The guy told me that he could feel the frets on the Lead II that I ordered, but the guitar was in the midwest, and I'm on the Oregon coast, and already the fret sprout...
  17. JimBean

    Show us your guitars!

    Found a good deal on Guitar Center's website. A used Fender Player Lead II, sounds pretty great.
  18. JimBean

    Fosi Audio ZA3 Amplifier Review

    I'm very happy with my ZA3, after waiting a while for it to get here from China. I did get 15% off when I ordered it from Fosi's website. Seems to pair well with my 4 ohm Monoprice Encore T6 towers. I have the volume set to max on the amp and use my Schiit Magnius as my preamp.I will probably...
  19. JimBean

    Are you more in love with hobby or with music - Question.

    Music by far, still pretty new to the world of decent audio equipment. It definitely improves my enjoyment of the music, yet I'm still content with listening to quobuz on my cheap bluetooth earbuds at work.
  20. JimBean

    Mogami Gold Studio XLR cable vs Worlds Best Cable

    I use the Monoprice SR (Stage Right, which is their pro audio/instrument audio line, I believe) XLR cables in my system and they work fine, seem to be pretty well constructed and fairly pliable. Also very affordable, which was the main reason for purchasing. Plus I think I had a monoprice...
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