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  1. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    Late notice, But tomorrow at 8am we will be meeting at Elly's Brunch and Cafe.
  2. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    Meetup scheduled for 1/20/24 at a members house near cave creek area. PM for address 4:00pm start time but I will be over there a little earlier with the JL max dialing in his system, so if you want to see how that is done, I will be starting around noon.
  3. Jdunk54nl

    Making my own RCA -> XLR cables

    My ground loop path was coming from the cable coax and being transferred via the hdmi cable. I could never find the cause of the cable coax other than disconnecting it all the way at where the cable was coming into the house. Agree that grounding chassis isn’t always going to fix it, but...
  4. Jdunk54nl

    Making my own RCA -> XLR cables

    Nearly every time I’ve tried tying cases together it has lowered noise. Usually some stuff is using a two prong plug and some is using a 3 prong with earth ground. That’s usually when I see ground loops like this and when it has worked.
  5. Jdunk54nl

    Making my own RCA -> XLR cables

    I ended up needing to tie chassis’s together to eliminate the noise by running a separate wire between chassis bolts on all equipment. That was what ended up solving my ground loop. Now I don’t even have any of that equipment anymore. As far as the monoprice, I knew it did because I had that...
  6. Jdunk54nl

    Revel Concerta C10 Review (center speaker)

    There is a review index on this site that is pretty good, although some reviews are missing from it too. Also erins audio corner does reviews and has quite a few center channels. He also has a klippel nfs.
  7. Jdunk54nl

    NEWS: monolith amp with Hypex amplification!

    Each module has its own power supply in these amps. So power available is solely based on your wall power availability. If you have adequate wall power available, the. It could produce all the rated on all channels driven.
  8. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    Meetup here this Friday at 10am! 9920 S Rural Rd Suite A105, Tempe, AZ 85284
  9. Jdunk54nl

    Sigma ADAU1701 Review (DSP Board)

    I like the adau1467 eval boards
  10. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    This Saturday (10/7/2023) @ 6pm. Meeting outside of State 48 Funk house in westgate 6770 N Sunrise Blvd, Glendale, AZ 85305 Then over to a members house to check out his chane speakers and hsu subs (cars will be there too to check out if you want!!)
  11. Jdunk54nl

    Buckeye Amps: New US based Hypex multichannel amplifier builder, line-up announcement!

    Pin 1 is connected to case ground in that diagram of hypex. You can see a little wire on the case side coming from pin 1 to the case. Now the pin 1 being connected to the "4th" connection of the xlr (the metal casing) can be debated, but that just connects to case ground shouldn't be...
  12. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    Also a few of us will be attending this next Thursday 8/24/23
  13. Jdunk54nl

    Phoenix Area Audio Friends ASSEMBLE!

    Sorry for the late notice, but meet up tomorrow! Lets meet here this Saturday 8/19 at 9am if that works for all! First watch 3110 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  14. Jdunk54nl

    Buckeye 6 Channel Amplifier Review

    That drop is 0.5dB by 20khz…not something to worry about.
  15. Jdunk54nl

    SOLD: Philharmonic Audio "Not so mini" Ceramic Monitor - Piano Black

    Forgot to update this with sold. So I don’t have an extra pair to send
  16. Jdunk54nl

    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    DLBC is not included, but there is a 30% off sale. so $350 for the multi sub stuff or $250 for single sub.
  17. Jdunk54nl

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Best buy dropped the price of the kef r stuff more $1099 for a pair of r3's!
  18. Jdunk54nl

    Dayton iMM-6 vs miniDSP UMIK-1

    All cheap measurement microphones are about the same. As long as they have a cal file that is accurate for that individual microphone, you should be fine. Once you get to the better microphones such as earthworks, then the tolerances get very tight and the cal files do not matter as much. You...
  19. Jdunk54nl

    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    For those that have questions of what this can do, I strongly encourage you to go through demo mode of the custom GUI. or take a gander at the manual...
  20. Jdunk54nl

    Monoprice HTP-1 Home Theater Processor Review

    DLBC is an upgrade option at $499 IIRC. It has a few different things, check out this custom GUI a member at avs built. You can see the options. May need to click on the demo button
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