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    Has anyone attempted to power the Dali Spector 1 using the Aiyima A07 Pro, T9 Pro, or Fosi V3 or ZA3?

    I am not sure using them together is even possible. And why? I did hook up an Audiophonics LPA-S600NCX to see if lots of power made any difference. It didn't. All of the amps sounded flat out excellent with these speakers. The only note I can think of is that the Fosi V3 seemed to have a touch...
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    Has anyone attempted to power the Dali Spector 1 using the Aiyima A07 Pro, T9 Pro, or Fosi V3 or ZA3?

    I have. Used both a Fosi V3 and Topping PA5II. Didn't need any more power in my opinion, they both sounded delightful. The Spektor 1 is an amazing speaker for the price and size.
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    DAC blind tests? EVER?

    This describes my experience as well. Bought a lot of dacs over the last three months. Doing quick A/B tests most of them sound slightly different, like changing filters. But the sound never seems better or worse. In actual times of listening and enjoying music there is no way I could pick one...
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    Hypex NCx500 Class D Amplifier Review

    I have both and think they sound the same. Only benefit is the extra power, way nicer binding posts and customer service that you can count on. Bonus that the Audiophonics case matches the ADI-2 like they were made to go together.
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    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    Hidden or not, that is impressive!
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    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    I have the Audiophonics version of the amp and think it sounds great. I don't know if it is all in my head but for the first month or so I was struggling to like it and I was considering selling it. To me it seemed kind of clinical, and at times, unnatural. Playing around with the gain settings...
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    Topping LA90 vs Topping PA5 II - Objectivist considerations

    I don't think that it will sound any different in the situation you describe. I have the PA5 II myself and think it sounds fantastic and was a great purchase. Thinking I wanted more power I later purchased a Audiophonics NCX500 amp. It also sounds fantastic. But I do not notice it sounding any...
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    Quebec audiophile shows off his new Hi-Fi system, very expensive set up

    Reminds me of "the napster" on the newer Italian Job movie. He wanted to be able to blow the clothes off of women using sound.
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    3e audio TPA3255 260-2-29A Amplifier Review

    Audiophonics rocks. Stuff has been getting to me in three days, and I am in the US.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    After signing up here I was playing into the smsl/topping game and did buy way too many of them. But I am learning and moving into the "they all sound the same" camp. When I hook them up to a multi input setup and match levels, I do still hear slight differences in all of them. It is akin to...
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    SMSL SU-X with 2x ES9039MSPRO

    Seems funny to me to see toroidal transformers in dacs like this. I get it for r2r but otherwise seems like a gimmick. Oh well, perhaps I am just clueless.
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    SMSL DO300 DAC Review

    I was on the same track but who knows how long it will be before they go to a new chip. And what that price might be. I got pushed over the edge when I found a like-new V2 (with the 4493s chip) on ebay for $850 shipped. As they say, it sounds like all the other decent dacs. So perhaps a new chip...
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    SMSL DO300 DAC Review

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing as I was considering the 300EX as well. But I am growing weary of my DAC experiments, particularly after buying a ADI-2 FS and finding that even 5 bands of DSP made a big difference in my enjoyment. It also has enough juice to run my Ncx500 amp without...
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    SMSL DO300 DAC Review

    It is quite a situation for sure. And you didn't even include the SU=9's. :) I have a D-6s and DO300 (and too many others). In my opinion these are my favorite DACS. But I don't think the DO300 provides anything over the D-6s except a fancier display. They sound identical, which is to say...
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    New product - SMSL AO300

    I just kind of stumbled into this situation. After discovering the good sounding, but inexpensive, chinese hi fi gear I went on a buying spree. My local hifi shop had these speakers, Paradigm Premier 100's and KEF LS50's. They let me take them home and listen and the Paradigm's sounded pretty...
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    New product - SMSL AO300

    I use the SW out but disable the crossover filter. My speakers are well behaved and are rated to just 68hz. Seems to work well.
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    RME ADI-2 DAC FS vs Fiio K9 Pro ESS vs SPL Phonitor One d vs SMSL M400+SMSL SP400

    Meant to add that you could likely get what you are looking for with the SMSL DO300EX for less money than all of these options. But with that said if I could only choose one I would go with the RME.
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    RME ADI-2 DAC FS vs Fiio K9 Pro ESS vs SPL Phonitor One d vs SMSL M400+SMSL SP400

    I spent hours scouring the internet and trying both drivers but could never get it to work with Tidal exclusive mode. And my tech skills are decent. The RME guy on their forum said it was a no-go and that there wouldn't be anything coming. Let me know if you have any specific into that could...
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    RME ADI-2 DAC FS vs Fiio K9 Pro ESS vs SPL Phonitor One d vs SMSL M400+SMSL SP400

    I have the first and the last dacs on your list. My subjective ears thinks the SMSL sounds a little better. But it is so close that it is easy to think it is all in my head. With that said the RME is far superior in features, gain options and customer support. My experience with SMSL makes me...
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    Topping PA5 II Stereo Amplifier Review

    I sure like my PA5 II and have had it turned on for 3 months straight now without any problems. I have been using it to drive ls50 meta speakers, and a few weeks of Elac Carina bookshelfs, and never felt underpowered. But I don't listen really loud. At my usual listening levels I think it...
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