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  1. Duke650

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    Right in the middle of the Czech republic, which is in the middle of Europe
  2. Duke650

    Any experience or thoughts on Teac AP 505 (Hypex)

    I'm happy with my living room setup: TEAC NT-505 > Lyngdorf RP-1 > TEAC AP-505 > KEF R700
  3. Duke650

    Focal Elegia Review (Closed Back Headphone) The round holes had to be machined into an "oval" shape to fit the original pins
  4. Duke650

    Focal Elegia Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    I'm sorry I didn't sell mine before the headband broke. It's a shameful design flaw - every Focal headband breaks sooner or later. And what's even more shameful is the non-existent customer support. However, the surgery was successful, the patient survived :-) Replacement headband from...
  5. Duke650

    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review
  6. Duke650

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Current: Headphones: Dan Clark Audio Aeon RT closed, Oppo PM-3, Focal Elegia (broken headband) IEMs: Astell&Kern Angie by Jerry Harvey 1st gen., Tansio Mirai TSMR-3 Pro, Moondrop x crinacle Blessing2Dusk Past: Sennheiser HD555, Sennheiser HD475, Koss GT/5, Denon AH-D 2000, NAD Viso HP50, AKG...
  7. Duke650

    Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    In the Czech Republic since 1968 we know what it is like when the Russian army comes for a “friendly“visit. Brothers Ukrainians endure!
  8. Duke650

    Focal Elegia Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    The sturdy cable is annoying, but it can be replaced easily. Worse problem is a broken headband. Mine broke spontaneously, unexpectedly and without abuse 2 days ago - a few months after the warranty expired :-( And according Uncle Google I am one of many users who have the same problem...
  9. Duke650

    Music to Cry For

    From 10:15 ... damn invisible ninjas chopping onions
  10. Duke650

    Questyle M12 DAC/AMP Dongle

    Not bad... purchased yesterday for my son / tried shortly with my Dan Clark Aeon RT (no problem at all) / gave it to my son together with Focal Elegia to replace his ooold AT-H m50x ... he´s happy
  11. Duke650

    Dan Clark Audio AEON RT Review (closed headphone)

    Aeon RT closed back arrived today (ordered directly from Dan Clark Audio last week) Out of the box straight into JDS Atom = YEP, it´s a keeper :-) i could immediately forget the annoying shipping costs and import fees / tax (yes, good old Europe...) Amir´s EQ applied to APO (Peace), hit play on...
  12. Duke650

    Looking for a DAC/Streamer with these specs

    What about
  13. Duke650

    Bad humor - best of...

  14. Duke650

    How do say speakers headphones and so on in your mother tongue? yep... there are some czech movies on Netflix.. most of them showcasing the typical sense of humor = sweet/sour
  15. Duke650

    How do say speakers headphones and so on in your mother tongue?

    Speaker: reprosoustava Headphones: sluchátka Turntable: gramofon Vinyl: gramodeska Amplifier: zesilovač DAC: digitálně-analogový převodník
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