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    need help to setup 5.1 composing studio

    hello, I am a tv/film composer, recently moved into a new studio which is already acoustically treated. I would want to upgrade my composing setup to 5.1 surround. I have already got 5 Neumann KH150 but not sure what to get for the sound interface. was looking at the MT48 but the dealer...
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    Neumann MT 48

    I am using it for my movie composing studio. It will just connect to the Cubase running on a PC. I would also like to play Netflix and dolby surround on the same PC. The dealer mention something about the future possibility of using the MT48 headphone output for extra speakers but they are...
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    Neumann MT 48

    Hello, I ordered the MT48 and 5 Nuemann KH150 AES for a 5.1 setup. However, the dealer just informed me that this is not really suitable for a 5.1 setup. They also suggest me to switch to the Merging instead. Can someone please help me as I'm new to 5.1 setup. Thanks! Ray
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