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  1. wemist01

    Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage Review (Updated)

    Any reason the Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 USB isn't listed on the SINAD chart? It was measured above 80 for MM.
  2. wemist01

    Creative Sound Blaster X5 Interface Review

    I'm always looking to see if anything will offer all that a single Onkyo SE-U55SX does- two toslink in, one Coax in, two toslink out, as well as RCA in and out. And a headphone jack that is probably a joke, but that's not what I use it for. Mix and match your DAC/ADC connections or just use it...
  3. wemist01

    Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage Review (Updated)

    I missed it- love the rec- I will check that out!
  4. wemist01

    Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage Review (Updated)

    I gather there is no way to adjust load for MC? If not, would some consider that feature disposable? Also, I have to be pleased that my phono amp has adjustable gain because my Denon DL-103R clipped in two other phono amps when set on MC, so I had to run them on MM. Per Denon, "the DL-103R is a...
  5. wemist01

    TP RA3 Rackmount Amplifier Review

    Sorry if this has been covered - I jumped from page 4 of comments to here. Where might this be sold? Nothing comes up online.
  6. wemist01

    Dan Clark Audio Ether Flow 1.1 Headphone Review

    Seen before:
  7. wemist01

    GR Research B24 AC Cable Review Follow up [Entertainment]

    I'm really looking forward to my hair looking better once my hair dryer reaches 200 hours of burn-in. Someone find me a single article showing that burn-in isn't a myth in any circumstance. I swear I remember one that made very modest claims about the results of burn-in, but I can't remember if...
  8. wemist01

    Pick me a modern amp

    Objectively, I don't have a need, though I'd really like to upgrade from my miniDSP to a miniDSP flex (the former has three inputs and no way of telling which one is selected, which under certain circumstances is very confusing. The latter has a great display and two additional inputs). Moving...
  9. wemist01

    Pick me a modern amp

    Buckeye: helpful link, thanks. What do you think of NCORE vs NCx vs Purifi? An NCORE two-channel looks like a bargain.
  10. wemist01

    Pick me a modern amp

    Got a favorite you want to point me to? I'm all ears: I generally make do with hardware that is somewhat vintage. Recently the reviews for the Topping LA90 piqued my curiosity in the potential benefits of an amp upgrade, but now that I have some money to play with, I've become concerned that...
  11. wemist01

    SMSL SU-1 Stereo DAC Review

    I take it USB, Coax and optical are all inputs? Seems like a dumb question, but I own a D10, and I love it for its weirdness in this regard, with coax and optical out.
  12. wemist01

    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Tell me why this Topping DX5 is 30% off: Ordered one. I'll let everyone know if it is a knockoff, assuming I can tell. Other "fanmusic" listings tend to match standard list prices,
  13. wemist01

    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Any idea why a "Fanmusic" version of this is only $314 at Amazon? I ordered one but am wary that it could be a knockoff...
  14. wemist01

    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    JDS Atom+ (same SINAD and price) Advantage: Atom has two inputs: RCA and 3.5. Disadvantage 1: The case is plastic and the contents so flimsy that there are fill-weights in the case. The adhesive on one weights gave way for me so I had to open it up and remove it. Now it is even more lightweight...
  15. wemist01

    The headphone is "fast"? What the heck does that mean?

    I'm afraid this is not a sincere question, as I think the term is audiophile BS. Has anyone ever seen a valid attempt to put some flesh on this ghost of a term? Even accepting that the term is nonsense, how do you translate its use in most situations? I just read it as acknowledging a treble...
  16. wemist01

    PS Audio Ultimate Outlet Review

    That's exactly what I was thinking! Pardon, I need to get back to watching Spielberg's Munich...
  17. wemist01

    Parasound 2125 V.2 Amplifier Review

    I love the look of their products, but I had such bad luck with the ZPhono USB that I just can't trust anything that looks similar. The ZPhono was a magnet for hums that were influenced by the location of the device on my shelf. Move it to the left two inches, better. To the right, the hum comes...
  18. wemist01

    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    Just compared waveforms on the SACD PCM layer and the old CD. The CD is clipped, the new one not. Surprising it ever happened, but with the original, they probably couldn't visually inspect it.
  19. wemist01

    Topping E30 II DAC Review

    This is all very nice, but for the price of 6db SINAD and $40 back in my pocket, the D10s gives you line out, Toslink out, and Coax out all at once, something I still find impressive.
  20. wemist01

    NAD Wireless USB DAC 2 Review

    Mine would have signal drops from 10 ft distance at most. I liked it when it worked but still lusted for a wired connection. So it is in a box.
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