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    Revel F206 Tower Speaker Review

    I’ve decided to start saving for a proper pair of floor standers. I know these would compare very well to the ascend acoustics but what would be the differences in real use? I prefer a slightly more forward sound and a “wall of music”, which might achieve this a little better?
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    Tekton style like tweeter array good idea?

    I “think” it could be perfected at the cost of very complicated crossovers, probably active. The issue is now your defeating the purpose of using inexpensive components which Tekton does. I would much rather see lower cost opposed subwoofers, possibly like the Paradigm Signature Sub 2 but with...
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Yep, just noticed the AH thread is gone but the YouTube video is still up
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    AI generated TL speaker

    I guess this is why we have peer review, thanks folks… lol
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    AI generated TL speaker

    A couple beers in… wondering if anyone is using AI to design speaker boxes yet, specifically TL? I think it would be a neat thing dea if someone created a program with a couple different types of box types and you just plug in the TS parameters to create a box design, it’s all math after all.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Maybe someone should find a pair of these speakers, and attempt to replicate the claim
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    A Call For Humor!

    Just found this gem today… apparently these speakers will be just fine if the amp is only clipping 10% of the time, I’m sure the amp will be fine to
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    Treble and bass gain measurements

    And that is the goal, I was just wondering if anyone has measured to see what the actual result is?
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    Treble and bass gain measurements

    I think it would be interesting to see measurements on classic style integrated amplifiers and pre-amplifiers that have bass and trouble gain. More specifically to see what frequencies are affected and how linear the change is.
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    Dutch & Dutch 8c Longevity?

    Well if you plan on being single for the next 11 years at least you can plan on blasting some tunes to keep you company.
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    Dutch & Dutch 8c Longevity?

    The honesty of your response is amazing. I run a couple companies and this is similar to how I communicate with my clients… I provide the best service possible, yes things go wrong and I’ll do my best to correct an issue if it occurs. Thank you
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    Martin Logan Motion Foundation, bookshelf and center. Looks to be about as budget as you can get for a premium(ish) speaker
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    JBL Conceal C83 Invisible Speaker Review

    I would think with the ambient noise in any retail building almost any speaker would be fine.
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    Low $100s to $1000s. Is there a significant difference for home audio? Why pay more?

    Not in a position yet, but the Porsche 911 Dakar has me drooling. The dealership up the street from me is the number one Dakar dealer in the world right now, Colorado Springs so it’s very appropriate
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    Low $100s to $1000s. Is there a significant difference for home audio? Why pay more?

    20 years in the car business. Lamborghini, you spelled Porsche wrong… Vette’s are cool but track day Saturday equals shop on Monday 90% of the time. Porsche track day Saturday equals commute to work Mon-Fri rinse repeat. There is a difference and it’s massive. Same can’t be said for cans though
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    Let's talk audio capacitors

    Rabbit trail… there’s a company near me that does radiation testing on components for satellites. All the components are shipped and packages of dry ice and then blasted with massive amounts of radiation to simulate decades of use in space. Occasionally the company will take the dry ice after...
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    Analyzing audio and augmented reality

    Saw this over on Reddit, thought it was cool
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    A Call For Humor!

    On the Denon website for the PMA-1700NE. “Dumping factor” is a bit low
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    Focal Aria Evo X (2024)

    Maybe the Aria’s go on sale with the new one’s coming out. Like that they published minimum impedance but 2.5 ohms on the 4’s and pretty close on the rest. I’m guessing a lower end AVR could have a tough time running a 5 or 7 channel setup.
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    A Call For Humor!

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