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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Product manager of Focal states that they made changes to sound
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    Found same thing with HD6XX, bass is bit mushy by default, bumping the bass up draws more attention to this effect.
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    Schiit Modius E DAC Review

    I think this dac is bit piece of Schiit. - When skipping to different parts in Youtube video there is audible delay untill sound returns, with Apple Dongle and D10s there is no delay. - Random relay clicks which are audible and annoying.
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    Budget HD800? Soundstage & comfort recommendation, please!

    Had AKG 712 PRO in days back and always trough it as poor mans HD800.
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    The Case Against OLED

    I got this Samsung 32" Neo monitor with 1198 dimming zones, it's decent at daytime but won't hold candle to Oled TV when amblient light drops. Could image need like 10 000 zones and that will ramp cost up.
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    What qualifies a "bad" tube amp, or what do you get from a more expensive tube amp

    Generally makes headphone sound smoother and more bassy, might work better on some than others.
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    Schiit Magni 3+ and Heresy Headphone Amp Reviews

    Uhm does Magni 3+ B have DC protection? Just figured that i use/used rather expensive headphones with it. Had some sort of protection relay active when 6.3mm adapter of HD6xx went bad, relay shutted sound for ~20 seconds but is that different?
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    Hifiman Arya Review (headphone)

    Wanted to dig Arya V3 more but it was too bright, not sure why. Made high shelf filter to pull down treble after 5k ending -4db at 10khz but still felt my ears getting pierced and further drop made sound nerfed. Subjectively i find planar imaging somewhat more intense than dynamic drivers which...
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    whats is happening here
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Well it might not be superior depending what you value in sound but it will be different sounding just because difference in pads even we don't count the driver.
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    Amplification and The HE6se v2

    This headphone was major disapointment for me, sounded bright and dynamically flat as pancake, literally had to crank it to 80-85 dB to get life out of it and soundstage was small for planar. Later readed about stuck driver problem and suspecting my unit suffered from it, would like to give it...
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    About Clear and Utopia Tested and owned Clear before moved to Utopia, Utopia is clearer and also sharper sounding, they use different pads which effects sound too. I have Elex pads which seem to be pretty much same that Clear uses but in different color, when those are swapped Utopia reminds...
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Seems like you wanted us to pat you at back and tell that your HD800 is same or just as good as Utopia, obviously you got upset when it did not go that way and you want evidence or we spread lies. I owned HD800 for 3 years as main headphone in days back, it's great but with certain music in...
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    It's borderline batshit crazy that here are members who own both or owned headphones and yet we should provide scientifically evidence or we pull things out of our ass when we speak about difference of these headphones in same EQ target from totally different companies, with different weight...
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Well you asked in this topic how Utopia differs from HD800s with EQ and got answer but seems like its not the answer you want.
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Again you don't have to pay $4000 for it unless you must have brand new. OG Utopias warranty is 5 years and around $2000 its possible find one with good condition and years of warranty left.
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Why do two headphones sound different, even in same harman eq? My guess would be structure ,driver type, driver distance to ear and so on.
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Yes, its more dynamic and thicker/closer sound. With rock/metal and so on HD800s will be thin and lean sounding next to Utopia.
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    Focal Utopia Review (Headphone)

    Focal Clear or Elex are already clearer and less smeared sounding than HD6xx at much lower price point than Utopia.
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    Philips Fidelio X2HR Review (headphone)

    X2 + V-Moda whacks the s*** out of gaming headsets so its still in my collection after ~5 years:) Once compared to Logitech G633 and wow how crap G633 was.
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