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    3e audio TPA3255 260-2-29A Amplifier Review

    This forum is always so mean and stingy with bids on MiC products(remember raising incomes, raising human rights?)
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    My Custom Loudness Control Tools

    cool! thanks for your effort!
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    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    that's my dream building, omg.
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    New Neumann NDH30 coming

    sadly to say the old senn was gone, a new senn seems like don't care about hifi(where is my super hd900).
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    More good results for the FA decoder!!!

    Ehh I know because I play them with Audition, just want to know RAW is encoded or original.
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    More good results for the FA decoder!!!

    I download demos11 and realized the RAW has more dynamic than another snip, but I don't know is RAW was be decoded one? usually no mastered raw audio file has more dynamic, it's a normal thing. If RAW means "decoded from the business album", that is cool.
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