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    Searching an 2.1 amplifier with optical input for less than 150€

    The Fosi Audio DA2120C does have a DAC ( CS8422) and USB/opt/coax inputs, as well as subwoofer out. And a bit more power, for what it is worth.
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    Ripping CD collection

    I wonder if anyone has done an environment assessment of streaming vs CDs. I have read such assessments of DVDs vs streaming from Netflix etc and they suggest that if you watch a few times the DVD is more environmentally friendly - streaming has computers churning somewhere. Of course audio...
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    Windows audio stuttering

    In case anyone else had this, I had a real problem for a year with stuttering/static produced by most browers (less on Brave, bad on Chrome and even worse on Firefox) when playing music using Foobar. Running Windows 10 on a new Ryzen 5 PC. I tried everything the internet suggested, updated...
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    Headphone buying advice

    If you really want to save money . . . I recently needed a new headphone amp to fill in while Topping send me a replacement for my L30 (as the last person in the world to hear about the problem with early models). On ebay I found a new Canford Headphone amp for £23 including postage after...
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    Cambridge Audio CXN V2 Measurements (Streamer & DAC)

    I have been thinking about the CXNv2 as I need a new streamer (and Raspberry Pi alternatives don't appeal to me). I have seen reviews of cheaper Chinese products like the SMSL DP5 that don't inspire confidence. But I recently noticed this one - does anyone have any experience of Eweat...
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