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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    At $899 I couldn't resist any longer and ordered a X3800H - thanks for the heads up. It will be replacing a Yamaha TSR-7810 that I think was introduced in about 2016. The Yamaha has been quite solid but hopefully the Denon will offer a nice upgrade in room correction.
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    DIY Home Theater Kits

    I would strongly encourage you to go with a DIYSG kit and simply wait until it's in stock. That AVS Forum thread linked above is a good resource. Like, plan the whole project around the DIYSG offerings. You will not find anything remotely close to that level of performance for home theater...
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    Is all speaker fill created equal?

    For my latest projects, I purchased sheets of eggcrate open cell foam from a supplierr called The Foam Factory. Basic stuff, but the quality seems good. I'm cutting to fit and attaching with hot glue. For my nicest speakers I've used rock wool batts stapled down with speaker grille cloth from...
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    Tympahany exits DIY market - how/where to source Peerless drivers now ?

    I'm bummed because I've always had building a classic 3-way with the 830669 12" subwoofer in the back of my mind.
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    Tympahany exits DIY market - how/where to source Peerless drivers now ?

    I've seen it posted on a couple of other forums over the last year that they have indeed exited the DIY market.
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    How to make a good three way loudspeaker - which bargain drive units ?

    Yeah, and of course once I got everything set up, my neighbor fired up a lawn mower.
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    How to make a good three way loudspeaker - which bargain drive units ?

    For me, the big hurdle to trying my own passive network design is that I don't have a good setup for taking quasi-anechoic measurements. I don't have a garage or other large workshop, so I have to painstakingly haul a large amount of gear out to my deck which requires a lot of time and a good...
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    How to make a good three way loudspeaker - which bargain drive units ?

    I don't, but I should. When building the ICEPower amps, I reversed L/R on one of them and definitely hit the tweeter with the woofer's signal when I was getting started, and even cranked up the volume a bit. However I don't think it did any damage. The DSP-408 really is incredibly...
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    How to make a good three way loudspeaker - which bargain drive units ?

    I've been using a Dayton DSP-408 more or less since it was released and I find it to be audibly transparent. It's a great bargain. My only complaint is that the USB connection for programming it is extremely spotty. I spent all day yesterday using one to make an active crossover for the SEAS...
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    I ordered one of these within 10 minutes of learning that it existed, looking forward to checking it out. I've been running my L700 mk2 with an SRD-7 Pro transformer box and an Aiyima Aiyima A07. I have no complaints with the sound - it gets plenty loud with headroom for EQ - but having two...
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    BIC EV-15 Eviction Measurements

    Interesting project! However, I'm going to guess that the crossover you used is a step down from the originals. I see the crossover points listed as 850 Hz and 4000 Hz. I've never seen the stock crossover points listed, but the woofer is probably crossed at more like 300Hz. The stock crossover...
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    Why are AVRs and AVPs so expensive?

    I feel like we're lucky there are still as many AVRs as there are on the market at all. It seems like an incredibly niche product these days. I barely know anyone who owns passive speakers at all, let alone combines them with a TV.
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    BIC EV-15 Eviction Measurements

    Yes, as I've said I haven't measured anything but the GRS drivers sound good to me as drop-in replacements, definitely smoother than the OEM mids. They are also slightly less sensitive than the OEM mids, which I think warms up the tonal balance in a way that pleases me. I also slightly roll off...
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    New Philharmonic BMR HT Towers

    I heard these at Capital Audiofest and thought they were terrific, among the best in show.
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    BIC EV-15 Eviction Measurements

    Wow. I can't believe I never saw this thread. I was chiming in with @JohnBooty when he was originally singing the praises of these speakers in an earlier thread. When @Dennis Murphy bought one and was displeased with the measurements, well, I have to admit that I've felt mildly embarrassed ever...
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    My favorite Android phone ever was the Samsung Galaxy S10e with its reasonable size, expandable storage, and headphone jack. The S21 I have now has felt like a downgrade in nearly every way. That said, during the 18 months or so that I had the S10e, the only time I ever used the headphone jack...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Review (Amplifier)

    I've been using one of these with the stock power supply to power my Stax L700 Mk2 headphones via an SRD-7 transformer box. It has been a great combo with plenty of power and headroom for an EQ profile. I soon plan to test it out with a pair of Hifiman HE6se v2s.
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    Capital Audiofest 2022 - November 11th-13th

    I attended on Friday afternoon and thought this was the best year of Capital Audiofest yet. The Linkwitz setup blew me away. Philharmonic room a highlight as always - the new HT towers are really great. The Mofi Sourcepoint 10 was my other favorite of the day.
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    Plex vs Roon

    despite this, I have ended up going back to Plexamp as my main player. I miss the advanced features of Roon, but at the end of the day I couldn't get used to how it organized my music or the UI. In particular, Roon's horrible handling of "Various Artists" compilations was the biggest...
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    Crazy PA Coaxials for Hifi

    I built a pair of these as my daily driver speakers, paired with 15" subs using the modified Eminence LAB15 woofers that DIYSG was selling for a while. They are absolutely phenomenal speakers. They are refined enough to use as hi-fi speakers in a small room, but I've also used them outdoors as...
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