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    Favorite Dolby Atmos (or spatial audio) albums

    Welcome and glad you are enjoying Atmos/spatial audio music. I definitely find whomever mixed them makes a big difference and I am very happy to see a huge selection of new and old music coming out in the format. I think we are past the point of saying "there isn't much content in Atmos" and are...
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    NAD T778 vs Arcam AVR20 and/or how do I listen to an Atmos music stream on an AVR.

    I have been very happy with my anthem mrx1140. So if you haven't considered the current line of Anthem AVRs they have measured well and perform well.
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    Frustrated Streaming Movies no longer in Atmos

    Ugh! And that's a premium paid product. I'm thinking Dolby will have to rethink their business model if even the most premium services are pulling their latest and greatest format. It's a demonstrably better format for both creating content And listening to it. All these services and providers...
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    Subwoofer standby tragedy

    Hmm. It sounds like the line level signal to the sub is too low for it to stay on. Have you attempted to contact Kef and get their recommendations based on your setup? They may be more knowledgeable than the previous owner. There may be a setting you can adjust in the app. Also, you could try...
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    Frustrated Streaming Movies no longer in Atmos

    Yep I understand the benefits of discs and agree with you. At this point I'm not ready to invest the additional money into a new player and a library of discs. My family wouldn't go through the extra steps vs streaming. Part of my goals in building the system is creating something that just...
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    Travel speaker

    I have a jbl charge 5 and it's great for sitting by the pool easy to use and has a built in charging port so you can use it to charge other devices
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    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Have you tried replacing your cables from the streamer to the DAC? Also swapped the DAC to make sure it's the wiim? In any case good that you have filed a customer service ticket with the company. It could definitely be an internal problem with the streamer or the DAC. I had a similar problem...
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    How to EQ this monstrosity?

    I'd get a subwoofer. That will be the best way to address your low frequency problems. You can position it somewhere else in the room that is less offensive acoustically, set the crossover at 90hz and the eq it.
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    Audioholics Measurements and review of Anthem MRX 1140 and 740 AVRs

    I don't believe Amir has reviewed the 1140. Check out Genes review on Audiohaulics for the voltage sinad chart.
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    Audioholics Measurements and review of Anthem MRX 1140 and 740 AVRs

    Are you setting up just a 2.1 system? If so I would definitely not use an AVR. I think there are now more modern hifi audio focused set ups like the NAD m33 or minidsp flex, wiim amp etc. you will get things like HDMI in and subwoofer out with room correction.
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    Recommendation of a AK4499EX-Based DAC?

    +1. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish so we can give helpful advice. For the ones you have listed. Read our hosts reviews for insight into their engineering quality and price. If they are of similar engineering quality and price then just pick the one that had the features you want...
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    WiiM Amp Streaming Amplifier Review

    Hi @amirm, Erin also recently tested this product and found a significant power drop when performing a multi tone test at high power. I wondered if: 1) if you are able to reproduce the test and verify the same power drop. 2) your assessment on the impact of this test finding on real world use...
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    Audioholics Measurements and review of Anthem MRX 1140 and 740 AVRs

    I would not switch due to just the DAC being ess. I'm sure the DAC is not the limiting factor and that it still meets the advertised specs. Anthem has one of the better pre amp sections in this price range and the rest of it's features are solid and reliable.
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    Frustrated Streaming Movies no longer in Atmos

    Yep. It's a cost cutting play. It's frustrating because most of those new soundbars support Atmos. And there is a huge installed base now. And it's impossible for the average person to try and figure out what is actually going on. I watched Pacific rim last night on Netflix (which I pay for the...
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    Are you satisfied with your home Audio System?

    Upgraded my vote to "Yes" since getting my home theater installed and dialed in. But...
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    WiiM Pro - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Can she just use airplay or Google cast from within the Amazon app to stream to the Denon? That will likely be the simplest
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    ARC Genesis results

    You mean these? Yes they are very helpful about how to take the measurements and what things mean. I find the videos helpful for understanding what changes I should make to the target curve to get the sound I want.
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    ARC Genesis results

    Check audio advice and Audioholics tutorials on YouTube. I find both of them helpful for ARC settings and target curve adjustments.
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    How much power and SPL's do people actually need in their homes?

    It's a real time power measurement of the amplifier instantaneous output.
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