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    A Real Cure for Tinnitus

    Look up “worldwide hum”
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    New Kii Seven

    Kii three have no network connectivity
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    "Pro" Active Speaker Aesthestics

    The Kii three are attractive and a hit with my wife - especially since the electrostatics and Bryston amp and DAC and subwoofer and cables are now gone from the living room. ☺️
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    Benefit of headphone amplifier?

    Thanks Jimbob 54, DVDdoug. Appreciate it.
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    Benefit of headphone amplifier?

    Hello ASR community. I listen to my Dan Clark Aeon 2 Noire (32dB/13 Ohms) with Fiio M11 Pro DAP balanced out (≥ 460mW 16Ω ≥550mW 32Ω). To me it sounds really good (I’m not trying to fix anything). Nevertheless, with all the rhetoric, and product reviews on headphone amplifiers - I remain...
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Regarding numbered files being played in alphabetical order, I did find a work around: I copied folders from NAS to PC drive; streamed DLNA to WiiM from there. Files now play properly In assigned numbered order.
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    WiiM Mini Streamer

    Has this been discussed/resolved? Files on my NAS named: 01-Some track name.FLAC 02-Another track name.FLAC 03-Further track name.FLAC 04-Track name.FLAC WiiM ignores numbering. Plays alphabetical order: 02-Another track name.FLAC 03-Further track name.FLAC 01-Some track name.FLAC 04-Track...
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