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    FS: buckeye 8-channel NC252

    I'm selling my amplifier because I bought the bigger ones. I had two but one is already sold. This amp served in my theater for probably about 150 hours over the last year or so. No clipping, always used responsibly. I'm looking for $1250 but reasonable offers will be considered. Prefer local...
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    Typically gear here is sent by members, not manufacturers. This one is a bit different because Amir identified an inaudible shortcoming that wasn't readily explained by a deliberate design choice. The manufacturer collaborated with users here to rectify the perceived shortcoming and asked Amir...
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    Yes, the purifi is "better" than the hypex. No, the 8-channel hypex is *not* bad design. It's excellent.
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    Tidal CEO: We're introducing Hi-Res FLAC for HiFi Plus Subscribers

    Reading this thread I feel uneducated. I have physical media, and I rip it to FLAC. This has always been my definition of "lossless" So when we say that qobuz "sounds better" than tidal, are they not both just lossless streams of the album? If they are both lossless of studio albums how should...
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    Anthem AVM90 Owner thread

    The Denon has only 9 channels, so it's a no-go for many theaters. I use all 9.4.6 offered in the avm90
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    Buckeye NC502MP 8-Channel Amp Review

    Many thanks for looking into it!
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    Buckeye NC502MP 8-Channel Amp Review

    This is actually my unit I had ordered from buckeye a long time ago. I asked Dylan to ship it to you before shipping back to me the two units I bought. If you can spare the time I'd love to see you do a teardown. The reason is because you did a buckeye teardown a few years ago and you had some...
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    Anybody figured out how to migrate Dirac Live licenses between MiniDSP products?

    I don't know about minidsp but when I wanted to transfer licenses for my HTP1 I created a support ticket with Dirac and they took care of it within a few days.
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    Revel C763L In-ceiling Speaker Review

    I anxiously await more data on alternatives, but for now despite their limitations these seem to be the best option for in-ceiling Atmos duty, no?
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    Audio streamer/device with nice tactile interface

    I use a previous generation ipad air (find them online) and a Logitech "logi" base. It's a good setup and I was disappointed when apple changed the dock configuration on newer models.
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amp Review

    I've already arranged with Dylan and Amir to test one of the new 8 channel 592 hypex amps. Edit: I've also suggested to Amir a teardown of my amp, but I don't know whether his time will permit it. I think it would be excellent to see how feedback from the previous teardown was implemented (or not).
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    Why/how are these xlr cables different?

    To close out this thread (thanks for the education!) I opened the other side of the cables and they do bridge those pins. So every cable is the same, except that they sometimes bridge pin 2 to case on opposite ends of the cable.
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    Why/how are these xlr cables different?

    I didn't check that since I am only adjusting one connector. I'll check the other side and report back. However, if I understood the posted article the connection to the case is perhaps not desirable without a capacitor, which is doesn't seem to have
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    Why/how are these xlr cables different?

    This is very helpful, thanks! So, in my case, I think I will remove the wire connecting 1 to the case dice since it's inconsistent with the rest of the cabling and there is no capacitor.
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    Why/how are these xlr cables different?

    I bought multiple of these "clockable" xlr cables but as I was opening then to adjust their angles I found this one was different. Most look like this: But some are like this: Can you see how the shield wire on pin 2 is jumped to the metal frame of the connection? Which is correct?
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    Tonewinner AD7300 7-channel amp

    Since you brought up Buckeye I thought it was a fun coincidence that I had a similar conversation with Dylan. I told Dylan that I wanted to buy two of his new 8-channel NC502 amps but that I wanted one sent to Amir for teardown review and I asked that any issues Amir identified be fixed. Dylan...
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    EAC uses Error Correction on last tracks of my CDs. Bad pressed CDs or Bad setup?

    This isn't a direct answer to your question but tools like dbPowerAmp have a services like AccurateRip. This is a hash database for other people's rips of the same disc. No matter what error correction is used, is your hash is identical to enough others then you can be confident it's accurate.
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    Any upcoming AV processors?

    Frankly I think the HTP-1 review on ASR has some problems. It seems to me that Amir penalized its rating based on it's undesired behavior during his specific test setup, but which would not be encountered in nearly any non-benchmarking use case. Then, later, when some of those issues were...
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