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    Topping DX3 Pro+ sound problems

    Is that $68 one way or roundtrip?
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    Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Stage Review (Updated)

    Have you considered moving your turntable/phono stage to another room, or eschew vinyl altogether? Sorry to be so direct.
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    Apple Music Spatial Audio review and question

    Rookie question: Does this service work with Apple CarPlay? If yes, what steps do I need to implement it? I have a 2023 Lexus GX460 with a 'Mark Levinson' premium sound system that is supposed to support multichannel; SiriusXM is hit or miss. I am about to pop for an iPhone 15 Pro as my 6S+ is...
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    New McIntosh MA352 cant drive Dynaudio Heritage Special loud - why not?

    Make sure you turn up the variable output of the 'Rose to full or use the fixed output, into the MA352. Otherwise you maybe losing resolution from the ESS DAC chip. Caveat - I am assuming the output voltage/volume of this component is controlled in the digital domain as it is in many others...
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    The Truth About Noise (and how to cope with it)

    I enjoy @Punter's threads very much. They refresh my knowledge and rhetoric.
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    Looking for an RV amplifier

    Everyone is so pleasant. I'm enjoying this discussion very much!
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    Fun with vinyl measurements

    Questions for inquiry: 1. Does your room or cartridge temperature change? I recall that Lyra likes their cartridges to be in a 'warm' environment. Something to do with suspension 'rubber ' damper. 2. Cartridge age and dampers. Most of these cartridges are 'venerable.' Consider card...
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    Benchmark AHB2 and Perlisten R7T impedance question

    Better: 'I don't understand why people invest time writing such screeds', or, 'I don't understand why people write such screeds.' Sorry, I used to teach at what used to be a 'better' university. No offense meant, your point is a good one.:)
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    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    Amir, thank you for using Power Cube in your testing! Apollon offers a higher input voltage option for better performance ala Benchmark Media. I wonder how the Apollon would pair with an HPA/LA-4 at a nominal 120V mains? So which are the preferred op-amps - I may have missed this in the discussion?
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    ASR Weekly Audio Reviews Episode #2 (Video)

    For me, written reviews are most informative. I do like the short video reviews as a prolog to the full reviews as I can more easily hone in on gear relevant to me, and then read the test, and other's comments, on the web site.
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    120 hz hum-- not from my audio gear but from my house-- what to do about it?

    What do you mean by 'all around the neighborhood'? Who was the builder who built the development, eg., Lennar? Do you have a new home warranty? It's possible the power lines were never installed might (a big might) be able to find out if the power utility or whoever inspects...
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    SOTA Pyxi Phono Stage Review

    Pxyi is a purpose built, not universal, phono stage To reduce the effects of warped records, etc., SoTA makes some of the proven vacuum turntable series. Many of their turntables exhibit low unweighted ruble figures. All things being equal, the Pxyi is cost effective especially when used with...
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    Should I upgrade my Dual CS 5000 turntable with a MC cartridge or get a Rega P6 with same cartridge?

    I concur. If tonearm/turntable designers du jour read the design principles rehearsed in the appended article and implemented them, we would perhaps have some real progress in LP playing.
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    The Truth About HiFi Network Devices

    Since this is an audio discussion platform, when I made the BT comment, the first thing that came to my mind at that late hour was Bluetooth Speakers. I know there are 'wireless speakers' and 'wireless subwoofers' that use wi-fi. As far as master-slave networking goes, more gently, we called...
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    The Truth About HiFi Network Devices

    Don't forget BlueTooth.
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    However, the annoyance of an amplifier failure can be much more protracted....
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    Would one fly in an airplane that was this defective? Don't get me started....
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    Topping LA90 Discrete Amplifier Review

    Mebbe I missed something in all the swooning... but what is an 'NFCA Amplifier circuit'? What's this now?
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    MQA entering into administration - comparable to Chapter 11 in the US

    I met Bob Stuart some time ago. Out of the earshot of others, as I didn't want to embarrass him, I asked him why he 'started' MQA and what problem was it solving ? He told me because of limited speed and bandwidth of the internet, MQA was necessary to download CD quality and better files. I...
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    The Truth About Phono Cartridges

    Punter: So, in the table found in your treatise above, these AT profiles would roughly correspond to the difference between the 'normal' and 'optimized' line contact shapes? Which is more difficult to set up? Besides VTF, which parameters, eg, VTA, are most critical?
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