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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    Thanks, then it should work, it's a preamp output. There's also a tape rec output - would the latter have fixed voltage output?
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    Not that i would know of. It's an integrated amp and there is no way to control the output voltage of its pre out when the case is closed. May be there's some way to change it after opening the case.
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    My turntable is connected to an exposure amp that has a phono card. If I connect the amp's pre out with the wiim's analogue line-in - how likely is that to be working?
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Right now listening to So What by John Coltrane, and got to agree, very hard to beat with regular loudspeakers. Thanks Amir for the test!
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    Standards for Audio Electronics Measurements?

    Like the idea but we are talking moving targets here - like this year's standard?
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    Marantz Cinema 70s AVR Review

    At least it looks good :rolleyes: And you can find it for well under 1k € in Germany...
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    WiiM Pro Plus Streamer Review

    Thanks for the review @amirm ! Would be a nice replacement of my rather old network player that lacks EQ and has some connectivity issues. If only my simple DAC with tablet as streamer wouldn't work that well...
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    Denon PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier Review

    Not sure about but will keep it for now.
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    Denon PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier Review

    I'm using it in my small dining area with bookshelf speakers from KEF - works very well and the amp is easy to use and very reliable. Still a pity to see that it does not measure better.
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    Topping PA5 II Stereo Amplifier Review

    Does anyone know which chip they are using? Thanks @amirm for pointing this out. The only audio device I've owned that broke was an amplifier but that was like 30 years back. To me it looks like that the ones from many bigger companies (e.g. Japanese ones) are more reliable these days - or is...
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    TP RA3 Rackmount Amplifier Review

    @amirm , do you know the chip manufacturer by chance? Thanks for the review! Even with the rack design something to consider for home use...
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    Is it safe to assume that the protection will just kick in when getting "closer" to max power - like 50 % max power? Thanks @amirm for the review and evaluating options easily available for folks in Europe.
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    Octavio Stream - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Great review and good to learn that there is another company out there (even in Europe) that offers a decent affordable streamer with good software. The latter is getting more and more important to me, tired of handling SW issues with my various streaming devices when I just want to listen to...
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    Eversolo DMP-A6 Streamer Review

    and a simple line phono line in :)
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    Aperion N5T Speaker Review

    Thanks @amirm, great to read a review of a floor stander that one can buy in Europe. Hope we'll get your listening tests back in your next reviews. But this approach is refreshing compared to many magazine reviews with measurements as side notes only.
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    Adam A4V Monitor Review

    Thanks for the review @amirm ! Would be great if you could follow up with a short review of the software once it is released.
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    Focal Sopra No 1 vs Kanta No 1

    Couldn't make my mind up and decided to save the money and stay with my old kef iq90.
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    500 € for a (single) bookshelf speaker, the Focal Aria 906 K2 Ash Grey, at - like the design, the original 906 measures well but no idea whether its fair to assume this one does as well... I have no experience...
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    Naim Uniti Atom Review (Streamer & Amp)

    disappointing performance - i was seriously considering getting one of their amps (w/ the volume knob on the left, wondering whether anyone else here can appreciate this :) ) thanks for the review Amir!
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    Loxjie D40 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Thanks for the review @amirm ! Assuming that this device can work as a preamp how well would it do?
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