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    Audible difference in high-end capacitors? - ABX samples

    Upgraded my passive XO to Alumen after trying Mundorfs cheapest M-cap Classic and also Obbligato caps. Alumen have very nice treble. Obbligato sound very uneven in comparison. Mundorf Classic is just terrible. I would like to try some high quality copper caps next to see if I can get more...
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    JBL 4312M II 3-way Studio Monitor Review

    Found a youtube video that demos them. They look like what they sound like - a toy.
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    Measuring Microphone Preamp Perf in Audio Interfaces

    I just searched for this. It would be great with some reviews on this.
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    SMSL DO200 MKII DAC Review

    Something else to consider other than DAC chips manufacturer is the implementation of the circuit. How clean, powerful and separated is the power supply? Do you use an impedance buffer to help match the impedances of your source, DAC, preamplifier? Am I missing something?
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    Klark Teknik Air Link Wireless System Review and Measurements

    S They reason why I don’t use wireless headphones while playing Call of Duty. Wireless is too slow.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    Thanks, but this does not really answer if the preamp and the amplifier should be balanced as well as the balanced DAC. I am asking because I wonder if I should change all my gear to balanced equipment in order to take advantage of the performance of these balanced DACs. If so, so cheap after...
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    Is it recommended to use a balanced preamp and a balanced amplifier, when using a balanced DAC?
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    Audible difference in high-end capacitors? - ABX samples

    Jesus, just buy one and hear it for yourself. Alumen caps are not that expensive.
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    Audible difference in high-end capacitors? - ABX samples

    That would be Mundorf Mcap Supreme Evo Silvergoldoil you are thinking about. ;)
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    Audible difference in high-end capacitors? - ABX samples

    I heard a big difference in type of capcitor in simple 1st order and 2nd order spesker level crossovers. I run Alumen only, as it is somewhat affordable and gives me nice clear highs. I compared it directly to Obbligato caps and Alumen was much better sounding. I also tried the laughably bad...
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    Gustard X16 Balanced MQA DAC Review

    The firmware update did not fix the problem. But using Roon there is no problem. Foobar2000 still has pops between songs on some DSD albums. I sent it back to the seller in France, and I have checked firmware on the unit and it was updated. Hard nut to crack for some manufacturers.
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    Topping PA7 Plus Amplifier Review

    And here I was going to buy the SIT-4.
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    A comparison between new class D amps, including purifi, Nilai, eigentakt, icepower and Passlabs. Made by the youtube channel theaudioalpha.
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    So who is getting the one with bad binding posts that requires measurement equipment to discover? QC is something to have.
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    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    Next pathetic turn for this industry: An A.I. identifies you, checks your music tastes on various streaming services and sets the EQ to make the speaker irresistable to you only. B&O and Bose will sell so many speakers.
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    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    I walk into the store with a hidden card up my sleave. I brew my own! I have been nagging my friend who has Arendal 1721 and XTZ subs to build himself a horn system like me. Arendal, which got a nice review here on ASR with the 1961 center, is nice for movies, but too dull for music, IMHO. He...
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    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    I was almost alone in the store. There was a demo going on, and I just casually listened while it was playing. I think you will find most people will agree to demo something for you, even if you are open about not having the half a million kroner necessary to be a customer. Even the old guy at...
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    Arendal 1961 Center/Monitor Speaker Review

    My friend has a movie theater with Arendal using towers with dual 8 inchers. The tweeter is crossed at 1600Hz, and I think that is a bit low for such a small driver. But it does sound quite nice overall, just that the tweeter is a bit stretched out. The tweeter is a bit grainy in the upper...
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    B&O Beolab 20 Speaker Review

    I listened to a similar speaker but larger and lore expensive, at the Bang & Olufsen store in Oslo. The functionality of built in Room correction was impressive but actually listening to it was not so interesting. I am used to high efficiancy horn speakers with much more detail.
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