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    Using two microphones to remove room modes from bass measurements

    I am now very confused about baffle step. So using Mode-Compensator there is no baffle step compensation needed because the measurement is not nearfield enough? If I would measure a 6.5" driver without baffle or enclosure - what would baffle compensation be for Mode-Compensator or for nearfield...
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    Marantz Cinema 40 AVR Review

    Seeing the depressing AVR performance and knowing that there are now Arvus HDMI processors - could we please see a review of MOTU Ao24 ???
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    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    Hi, Interesting questions. Regarding some 16+ in/out interfaces I would probably go for Motu 8D or even fancier Motu 112D AVB - very flexible devices which work with almost everything as external devices. If somehow you are actually influencing a development of a new digital interface (I can't...
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    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    OK, Motu AO24 for output combined with some Dante or other digital input would be ideal to use with something like The goal is to have all the flexibility of PC based DSP without actually dealing with a...
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    Introducing Hang Loose Convolver from Accurate Sound

    Unexpectedly impressive! Can you suggest some scenarios how to use this in multichannel? I have trouble finding digital audio IO that is compatible with Raspberry Pi, so while the idea to build standalone programmable DSP with Raspberry Pi is amazing, I would like it to support something like...
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    How to simulate a weaker amplifier?

    Found a very good explanation for this subject, in case someone wants to measure power into speakers: The conclusion - don't :D
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    How to simulate a weaker amplifier?

    Very interesting. I think a circuit with a zener diode might just be the solution. If it flashes - it means the volume needs to be turned down or some compressions must be applied. Even better if it would actually work as a clipping circuit - to flash and limit the voltage to the speakers. Is it...
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    How to simulate a weaker amplifier?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! In this case, if I would try to run speakers at full 250W power, I would blow up the speakers and ears. So I can't use a "8db quieter than maximum" solution. Also the buy and return approach is not what I would call a "simulation" :) Regarding how optimistic or...
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    How to simulate a weaker amplifier?

    Hi, What would be the correct approach to "accurately" simulate a weaker amp than the reference one? For example, If you have an amp with 250W per channel and you are considering to buy a sleek integrated amp that only has 40W per channel. How can you find maximum volume setting on the 250W/ch...
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    AutoEQ Magic?

    @jaakkopasanen - I just found that you published an amazing AutoEq v2.0.0 update - I see that installation tutorials are not yet updated, but this is superb improvement - so convenient and compact to install! Now AutoEq is even more of a universal...
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    FAIL. Sound United, you burned your reputation for what? I was literally just waiting for some free cash to buy X3800, but after seeing such downgrade on key performance front - not only I am not itching to buy one as soon as I can, now I will look for something better instead. X3800 is...
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    Neumann KH 310A Review (Powered Monitor)

    Good points about direct/reverberant sound. I have KH120 at similar 3-4m distance and the result is certainly not a sharp mixing studio sound :) But that was the compromise I had to accept because of the looks, size and price was a factor as well. In term of output, with subwoofers, KH120...
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    JDS Labs Element III Review (DAC & Amp)

    Nice, but in such price class I demand DSP with some serious custom EQ and tone controls. RME-ADI2 may be even more pricy, but I would rather get RME features than save money on this.
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    Audiopraise VanityPro Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)

    I agree, but remember that this product already does something unobtainable. I am sure the developers know all of this, just had to choose to make it or not at all :) That is why most companies skip the HDMI ports on their otherwise very advanced DACs (look at All Chinese DAC manufacturers...
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    Audiopraise VanityPro Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)

    This is actually very true. Only the true test for cheap HDMI audio extractor is: The whole point of "cheap HDMI audio extractor" is to get TV volume control to "losslessly" control volume on your custom 2ch audio system. This is actually a big deal. If you DACs do have remote volume control...
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    Audiopraise VanityPro Review (HDMI Audio Extractor)

    Very interesting, only the limitation on 7.1 and HDMI 2.0a is hard to accept - both pros and consumers are interested in having some Atmos capability in 2022. Otherwise this is a perfect companion to (just add another 1k+ :) ) Plus they...
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    New set of graphs for all speakers reviews

    Did you know that the complete, raw or processed official data for Neumann KH80 is available for free in the Klippel dB-Lab software as an example? It is quite impressive that the software that comes with NFS is practically fully functional for data viewing and export without any cost.
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    An impeccable source of loudspeaker measurements for dirt cheap

    In case you are looking for free, legal .PDF of reviews (in German) it is actually possible to download most of their reviews in high quality for free from Only: it must be a speaker that currently sells you must be registered user and logged in on...
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    KEF T301C Review (Ultra-thin Speaker)

    Thank you for testing this KEF T301! I have/had an idea to use a pair or 4x of KEF T101 as "Atmos" height speakers on the ceiling. With these measurements I would not do it. The next hope is: Harman Kardon SAT-TS60 or Harman Kardon SAT-TS30. Are there any other thin speakers for the ceiling...
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    ASR Open Source Streamer Project

    Sorry for not reading through the whole topic, but is it possible to have Replay Gain (like in Foobar2000) in a streamer that reads music from USB or NAS? :) I do not use Volumio in my miniDSP because it has no Replay Gain. I refuse to listen to music that jumps +/- 10dB from track to track - I...
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