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    Help finding job for Computational Physics PHD Candidate

    Not my field or division, but here are some local things.
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    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    The option to stack the KC92 is cool, I'd still like to see a sub with larger drivers.
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    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    I’d love to see a dual 12” subwoofer. KC122.
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    KEF Reference 2 meta Measurements and Review.

    It does have threaded holes on the bottom, so you could make a shelf or bracket and secure it. The binding posts stick out on the back, so you’d need some clearance for those.
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    KEF Reference 2 meta Measurements and Review.

    This is an old picture. The speakers have been moved to another wall. The next step will be surround installation.
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    KEF Reference 2 meta Measurements and Review.

    They should match fine. The ported vs sealed will affect bass response which is mostly relevant to bass management and subwoofer setup. I am running the Reference 2 Meta and Reference 3 Meta as LCR.
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    End Game Speakers - The Quest Continues

    Of the speakers on your list, I think I’ve only heard Clarisys. My dealer sells them and I like listening to them in their big room. I find them bright sounding, but with a very pleasant and impressive wall of sound effect. Given your stated intent of a dual purpose system, I would consider the...
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    Active Room Treatment (ART) by Dirac

    I'm curious about speaker options that work well with ART. We have dual subwoofers and LR are full range, but they're all at the front of the room. Our surrounds will be relatively small (KEF R3 Meta). I'll be using in-ceiling speakers for overheads x4 and also for the rears. I will likely go...
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    Denon x4800h with KEF R3 LCR combo

    I'm in a transitional setup as we build out our system after a move. I am using the Denon 8500 to drive the Reference 3 Meta and Reference 2 Meta and it works fine. These are bass managed with powered subs, but even when I've tried them full range, it's ok. Since there are unused channels in the...
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    7.1.4 setup, Genelec vs KEF

    I would upgrade center to either Reference 2C or 4C. Both are fine. I don't see the benefit of the Reference 1 Meta over R3 Meta for surrounds. I would upgrade all surrounds to your choice of R3 Meta, R2 Meta, or R6 Meta depending on your space and installation needs. KEF doesn't really offer...
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    Stereophile's Jim Austin Says Streaming Atmos Sucks

    Based on the nearly $10,000 of power cables, conditioners, and HDMI cables in the system, I don't understand why traditional high end dealers aren't jumping into multichannel with more enthusiasm.
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    This is what Neumann recommends in the manual. Genelec has similar recommendations, but go on to elaborate that these are driven, in part, by direct sound vs. reflected sound. I wouldn't hesitate to use the KH 120 II in the midfield, with some output and low frequency limitations, no different...
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    Denon AVR-A1H

    Thanks! I thought I'd read it, but it was probably from the video.
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    Denon AVR-A1H

    I think I read somewhere that you can use the assignable XLRs for LCR and still use 4 subs using the RCAs (or 1 XLR & 3 RCA).
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    The Neumann monitors in their DSP versions (either built in or added by the KH750 sub) have some adjustment capability with the MA1 system. I found post 10 from Radix helpful in this thread. Post in thread 'Looking for post Neumann MA-1 auto alignment adjustment recommendations'...
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    I’m not currently using the HDMI ARC, but the digital output is variable. The Node is serving as a digital volume control between my computer and the speakers (optical from computer to Node and coaxial from Node to speakers).
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    New Neumann MA 1 - Automatic Monitor Alignment

    Here's what I experienced with the MA1 calibration and my Mac. My interface is a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 4. 1) Analog (XLR) from interface to KH750, S/PDIF (coax) from KH750 to KH120 II speaker #1 connected to speaker #2 via S/PDIF. In this configuration, I can play music via the interface to...
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    I ended up with the Node because of the physical controls with presets and the availability of eARC. For cables, you can use coaxial cables between each device (Node to sub, sub to speaker 1, speaker 1 to speaker 2). The sub uses BNC connectors, while the Node & speakers use RCA connectors...
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    Buckeye Amps: Purifi Mono, 2ch, and 3ch Official Thread
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    Neumann KH120 II Monitor Review

    I've been thrilled with the KH120 II & KH750 since getting them. I finally had a chance to calibrate them with the MA1. I put in a Harman curve using the EQ as suggested here, with some minor tweaks (Post in thread 'Looking for post Neumann MA-1 auto alignment adjustment recommendations'...
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