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  1. KaeliKoo

    Polk ES60 Tower Speaker Review

    Was thinking the exact same, how this Polk would measure against Encore T6 with similar features. I picked up a pair of the Encore T5's last year for $180/pr and they surprised the holy heck out of me for their size & soundstage.
  2. KaeliKoo

    New S.M.S.L. M300 SE 120$

    I tried an SMSL C100 with AKM chip several months back and it had the same clicks you describe - they weren't very loud but I followed up with Aoshida and the tech said that will occur with the few SMSL dacs with no Aux power...sometimes. Replied "thanks for letting me know that critical info"...
  3. KaeliKoo

    Poll: Audio Science Review in the World (2024)

    I'm roughly 4 miles from Red Rocks Amphitheater, Colorado - I hike around the area almost weekly. Snapped this picture from top several years ago. (Jimmy Herring of Widespread Panic doing sound check - not my photo)
  4. KaeliKoo

    Aiyima A07 Max Amplifier Review

    Ordered 2 A07 Max from Aiyima direct on 12/29 and arrived today 01/05 - pretty surprised! Wasn't sure if the "smaller than Fosi" 48V PS would be up to task, but those doubts seem removed. Initial impression is very good - have a V3 to compare with some subjective listening before using them as...
  5. KaeliKoo

    JBL Studio 590 Speaker Review

    I have the 570's and really love them (easy to move!). Basically a 530 with an additional 5.25" driver in a rigid 35" tall box. Hard to beat in 2.0/2.1 nearfield listening. Bought them from Harman for $360/pr, absolute steal.
  6. KaeliKoo

    WiiM Amp discussion

    Show stopper #1
  7. KaeliKoo

    OK, what are you guys buying yourselves for Christmas?

    Synology DS423+ NAS w/ 3 16TB Seagate EXOS drives
  8. KaeliKoo

    New S.M.S.L. M300 SE 120$

    Using this DAC almost daily for 6 months, with firmware upgrade. Have never heard microclicks or any clicking noise. USB & optical always connected. Sounds better than any AKM dac I own, only use remote for adjustments. Great DAC imho.
  9. KaeliKoo

    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    I have two V3's with the orange/copper knob - and an Aiyima A07 & A08 Pro with much, much nicer black metal knobs courtesy of the V3's :)
  10. KaeliKoo

    Aiyima A07 Pro Amplifier Review

    Seems to be okay, sounds very similar to new Aiyima A06 which I picked up. One use TP3251 and other TDA 9478. Was going to send it for measuring but thinking now I will return as its a higher price than similar and I prefer the smaller A06, which also has better knobs than A04. Also no midpoint...
  11. KaeliKoo

    "Early Bird Special" for upgraded Aiyima A04

    Received the upgraded A04 and it really sounds on same level (both using 36V6A) as the upgraded A06, which I really liked at the $52 price. They use different chips but both rated at 170W per channel so makes sense. I like the case on the the A06 better, mostly because it has gnurled knobs and...
  12. KaeliKoo

    Excellent CD Masters

    Steven Wilson re-mastered the first 5 Yes albums. He's also done Jethro Tull re-masters and Gentle Giant and some other classics.
  13. KaeliKoo

    Aiyima A07 Pro Amplifier Review

    Thanks for the pics - ordered this yesterday, will be here tomorrow. Getting some good reviews on upgraded A04...
  14. KaeliKoo

    FX-Audio Tube 02 Pro Review (Headphone Amp)

    I also picked up this unit at the $50 quite a few months ago, didn't really test or try it out much, too many toys...have never used it as a HP unit. I've noticed that putting in front of any of the 6 class D amps I have improves the soundstage quite a bit. Bass extension is certainly improved...
  15. KaeliKoo

    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    I have the upgraded Aiyima 48V5A which has 3 prongs. Works great.
  16. KaeliKoo

    PS Audio FR20 speakers - First impressions

    Thanks for sharing about this speaker and your experiences with them. It's cool to see someone have such excitement about a purchase of that magnitude. (I once knew the entire bassline from In-a gadda-da-vida, that's awesome!) Too bad you had to go through so much needless scrutiny about your...
  17. KaeliKoo

    SMSL DL200 the best ever value DAC/AMP?

    Would be great to see this reviewed along with SMSL M300 SE
  18. KaeliKoo

    Which TPA3255 amp do you recommend?

    Think of it this way, there's probably over 20 dac's on the market that use ESS9038xxx chip. and 5 more on the way. They don't all have the same sound quality either. Then if you throw op-amp mods into the mix it gets even more interesting.
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