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  1. OldManMatt

    The Florida International Audio Expo 2024

    I went last year and had a good time..I felt it was worth the 2 hour round trip and plan to go again this weekend. Very laid back atmosphere and earlier in the day the crowds weren't that bad..easy to get a front row seat somewhere as there are 12 stories/levels full of listening rooms. I don't...
  2. OldManMatt

    Interesting new Cambridge Audio streamers MXN10 and AXN10

    I haven't used mine in awhile as I've been using a different streamer. At first I just linked my Quboz account to the Stream Magic app so I could access it from there. But the Cambridge also has Chromecast built in so I usually just opened my Quboz app, link it to the MXN and played my music. I...
  3. OldManMatt

    Getting DRIAC Live Minidsp ?

    This is just for bass dsp for main speakers.
  4. OldManMatt

    Getting DRIAC Live Minidsp ?

    You have a single rca subwoofer pre-out on the back of your 40n correct? You could try the basic Minidsp 2x4 or 2x4HD. Subwoofer pre-out<Minidsp 2x4<Powered Subwoofer You would still need a Umik-1 for measurements. Play your mains speakers off the 40n, whatever frequency the mains speakers...
  5. OldManMatt

    Poll: How do you primarily listen to audio at home?

    I have 2 set ups and a spare room filled with various gear i'm not using...solid state & tube gear, minidsp & dirac boxes, streamers, albums & CD's, and speakers. 95% of the time I'm listening to music in 2.1ch...thru either TV (Fire stick) or a Primare Prisma streaming transport, into a RME...
  6. OldManMatt

    Interesting new Cambridge Audio streamers MXN10 and AXN10

    I've had a couple of dropouts or silence coming out of the coaxial recently. I wiggled the cord and socket and the signal came back thru. I was using a Beldon cable but after that instance I replaced it with a Gotham digital and I had a silence dropout right away..giggled the cable and port and...
  7. OldManMatt

    AV123 / GR Research X-Voce Speaker Review

    Just a poorly designed speaker. I hate when a manufacturer tries to blame the consumer in some type of way instead of just owning up to the flaws. Nobody is perfect, no speaker design is perfect. Hard to trust a person with no humility or the ability to own up to something.
  8. OldManMatt


    I really like this chassis/case
  9. OldManMatt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    I only listened to a few minutes of it. This video is a perfect example of subjective banter or more so of just BS. When he said product X still put him into the music but it took a few minutes longer to get there than product Z I literally rolled my eyes. That's some Grade A nonsense. I assume...
  10. OldManMatt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Back in the early 90's at one of our small group house party's I had consumed a good amount of 2 different hallucinogenics. A couple hours later as I was sitting on the floor in front of a huge tower speaker I watched the music notes pour out of the speakers. Whole notes, quarter notes, the...
  11. OldManMatt

    Arcam SA30 ... Anyone got / heard one?

    First I would like to welcome you to ASR. My thoughts on your Arcam is that I would hook it up as soon as possible. You say you have a 3 month warranty on the unit so I wouldn't waste a minute of it. You can try the unit as is for starters but I would upload the latest firmware as soon as you...
  12. OldManMatt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    Yeah I get what you are saying. One of the cables was a demo unit but even with that discount I spent around $180 all in. I could have bought a lot of materials with that. I've never built balanced cables but I've done some single ended and power cables. At this stage in life I'd rather just buy...
  13. OldManMatt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    I needed some 6ft XLR cables and due to a couple cocktails and Sweetwater's multiple year no interest financing I splurged a little. Not exactly expensive at $100 bucks a cable but for XLR's at this length it's more than I've ever considered or spent. Ordered the Mogami Platinums and when I...
  14. OldManMatt

    WiiM Mini Streamer

    The last update was to kill everyone would have to upgrade to the Pro. Just kidding obviously. I hooked my Mini up the other day, it had been a couple months since I used it. I tried Quboz thru the Wiim Home app and the Qoboz page is much improved from the last time I tried it. Much...
  15. OldManMatt

    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    Yeah the passive mode would be an afterthought for me. My favorite amp at the moment has a very low 10k ohm input. Which has been fine running direct from Dac, but I've found it to be more problematic than I thought it would be when it comes to experimenting with various preamps. I've learned a...
  16. OldManMatt

    Schiit KARA Preamp and Headphone Amp Review

    I can see this preamp being useful for most people. First and foremost is the performance, which really shouldn't be taken for granted. A preamp that is not going to degrade the signal of all the other components used is worth $700 bucks to me. Balanced inputs are always a plus and make any...
  17. OldManMatt

    Toslink switch and TosLink/Coaxial SPDIF converter - Review and measurements

    I bought this exact toslink/coaxial switch just a few days ago..and I'm actually using a RME ADI-2 FS with it. I'm using the Switch for my TV optical to coaxial so I could use the optical out of a WiiM mini to the RME. I definitely had concerns about added noise from the Switch. I listen to a...
  18. OldManMatt

    Interesting new Cambridge Audio streamers MXN10 and AXN10

    But yeah if you can find a used CXN2 in that price range it certainly offers more than the MXN10. I used the CXN2 for a while and it's a nice device. Looks great as well. I know Cambridge has a store on eBay where they sell different models they have refurbished. The CXN2 pops up every couple...
  19. OldManMatt

    Interesting new Cambridge Audio streamers MXN10 and AXN10

    Hello konstancij, I can only speak from my experience with the MXN10 but I feel it is a pretty solid device. I mostly used it with an external Dac due to my Dac having some PEQ functions that I apply to help with my speaker's in-room frequency response. Currently I have the coaxial digital...
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