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  1. HiFidFan

    Sonos Five Smart Speaker Review

    Thanks for the review @amirm. I have my (2014) Playbar and Gen 1 Sub (2016) still happily doing TV duty using latest firmware. No issues, ever. I'm happy with their performance and impressed with the durability/longevity of speakers of this type. Kudos to Sonos. The thing about Sonos, as...
  2. HiFidFan

    Best Horror movies

    I couldn't agree more!
  3. HiFidFan

    Genelec S360 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Great review @amirm Given the discussion about the domestic use case and WAF of these speakers, I think I'd rather do a set of KH-310A and save about $3k/pair.
  4. HiFidFan

    Testing Open Power Cord interference in Interconnect Cables (video)

    Oh for Pete's sake, @amirm is doing the 'youtube clickbait' exaggerated facial expressions! :facepalm:
  5. HiFidFan

    Neumann KH150

    Indeed. . . Me too.
  6. HiFidFan

    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    I don't get those that claim this amp for desktop use case. For $800 one can get (2) Kali IN-8s with 140w of tri-amped power. Lots of other active speaker options for $800 or less/pair. For a couple hundred more, step up to Dynaudio etc.
  7. HiFidFan

    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    Meh. IDK. The price point, In an age of high value active speakers, I can't understand the use case for this amp.
  8. HiFidFan

    AudioQuest NRG-X3 Review (AC Power Cord)

    Obviously you have a bad sample. Please return to Audioquest for repair. Thank you.
  9. HiFidFan

    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    My guess is there will be little to none. He makes a lot of money for H'wood and in the end that's all that matters. This is not an industry built on pillars of scruples.
  10. HiFidFan

    Phil Collins performed his last concert

    Or maybe he just has a hard time letting go of his life's passion? I'm going out on a limb and say that Phil probably has plenty of money. Perhaps I'm wrong. Neither of us knows his motivations, conjecture is meaningless.
  11. HiFidFan

    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    If the Academy is true to its statement that they do not condone violence of any kind, I wonder if they will rescind Will's award. Or never invite him back. Never mind, it's Hollywood, none of the above will ever happen. Carry on.
  12. HiFidFan

    Phil Collins performed his last concert

    Wether you like his music or not, his talent is undeniable.
  13. HiFidFan

    Will Smith assaults Chris Rock LIVE at the Oscars

    Wow! I thought at first that it was a sketch. But no. Man, comedy has certainly lost it's way. I thought the joke was funny and not mean spirited. Will needs to go easy on the steroids me thinks.
  14. HiFidFan

    Response to PS Audio on P12 PowerPlant Measurements (Video)

    The sheer amount of gaslighting over there is rather impressive.
  15. HiFidFan

    Please help me choose a Dac

    Were these sighted listening tests? Blind level matched? Schiit Modius, made in the USA, audibly transparent, balanced outputs
  16. HiFidFan

    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Typically, like most tech hardware, they become much much less expensive over time. Look at the performance/features//price ratio of DACs over just the last 5 years. . . :cool: It is obvious and clear that Topping can design a great performing (SINAD) DAC with boring regularity. At this...
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