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    Deutsche Grammophon on Analog Recording

    Looks good to me. I'm curious enough to try one.
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    Electric toothbrushes

    I've used a Phillips Sonicare for about a dozen years. I did not go to the dentist for three and a half years because of the pandemic. When I did, it took the hygienist about half an hour of very minimal work to clean my teeth and I had no cavities. I'll stick with what I've been doing.
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    Great recordings of classical music

    I found a sealed copy on LP a few years ago. I've enjoyed it a lot. It only cost a dollar.
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    Will active speakers end up as e-waste?

    I have Monitor Audio Silver 8i speakers that I bought new in 1999 In my living room. I like them as much or possibly more than my Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2ex that I have in the TV room. Be careful with sweeping generalizations. I see no reason to ever replace the Silvers.
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    Want Better Sound at Low Volumes? Try a Really Large Sub.

    I've used a HSU VTF-2 mkII for a couple of decades. I like it a lot.
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    Can plants act as sound diffusers ?

    Of course. Just walk a meter into some woods or go behind some shrubs and you can hear it for yourself.
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    Let's get honest with SPL

    85dB A weighted peaks are loud enough for me. Most listening is 5-10dB lower than that. I mostly listen to jazz and classical. For jazz, I want to be able to hear everything the drummer and bass player doing.
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    Audiophile Ninja Headphone Cables

    For decades I've used 25' coiled headphone cables that I've gotten from local hardware stores. They work well and typically last me 10-15 years at a cost that was under $10 the last time I got one a few years back.
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    You who have several sound systems, what do you listen to the most?

    I mostly listen to CDs and some LPs in the living room and a lesser amount of the same in the TV room. What little streaming I do is almost all YouTube. I do a small amount of listening to CD and FM in the bedroom. I've tried various streaming options, but haven't felt any real enthusiasm for...
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    Denon DRA-635r - New Optical Class A

    About fifteen years ago I got one of those used for $65. Since then it has been playing problem free eleven hours a day, five days a week in my wife's office system. I don't know about the New Optical Class A business, but I do know it's a reliable, good sounding, low noise unit. It has an...
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    Why are there so few omnidirectional speakers?

    This has been my experience as well. Well designed Omnis need a lot of real estate to be heard at their best. They generally aren't cheap either.
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    Recommendation for bookshelf speakers that can be placed horizontally

    Ascend Acoustics HTM-200 SE might work. Or the Ascend CMT-340 if you want to play really loud or don't have a sub and want more bass. The 340 is capable of prodigious output. Both will give you a wide soundstage and excellent dialogue clarity. I have the 200s. They can sound a lot larger than...
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    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    If I had to start over, I might be tempted to do streaming. As it is, I have a substantial collection of curated music that I like and a limited amount of time for listening. If I did start from scratch, I'd still likely be using passive speakers and an integrated amp from Yamaha, Marantz, NAD...
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    There is something very, very wrong with today’s music

    Try Jennifer Higdon or Max Richter.
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    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    I don't buy cheap junk no matter where it was made. Nor do I waste money on audiophile bling.
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    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    I have a Rotel CD player in my bedroom I got in 1989. It still works fine. It doesn't appear to sound any different than the Sony Blue Ray player I got last year. I don't buy separate DACs. DACs just seem pointless to me.
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    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    Customer support and long term reliability matter to me, consequently I'm disinclined to buy products from unestablished brands. Having to ship defective units to China for repair is a deal breaker for me. I don't care how cheap the stuff is, I don't have time for the hassle. And I'm not buying...
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    The Truth about many "Audiophile" Piano Recordings

    I saw Hilary Hahn in recital with Corey Smythe at the Troy Music Hall in 2014. It was one of the most transcendent concerts I have ever attended. The hall has superb acoustics. My wife and I saw Box Scaggs there in 2018. That kind of music also sounded really good.
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