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    "No further upgrades needed" desktop setup / Neumann-based?

    My optical sound output is already in use. I suppose there's no reason a straight USB to RCA SPDIF wouldn't work just as well and cost less.
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    "No further upgrades needed" desktop setup / Neumann-based?

    I assumed I'd use the PC for volume control, as it's going to be the digital sound source.
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    "No further upgrades needed" desktop setup / Neumann-based?

    Yeah, it's ambiguous. The intent is near-field use with a PC, generally going to be within 2 to 5 feet of it.
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    "No further upgrades needed" desktop setup / Neumann-based?

    I probably won't ever be able to afford this (~$3,700 is a lot for a desktop sound system), but in theory, would the following components be compatible and function well as a desktop sound system? 2x Neumann KH 120 II monitors Neumann KH 750 10 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer (non-AES67 version)...
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    Buckeye 3 Channel Purifi Amplifier Review (2nd)

    Could we please move the general shitposting and gauntlet-tossing to its own thread, instead of humoring someone coughing up hairballs all over a review thread?
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    FS: Revel F228Be - glass black - local pickup in Chicago - $7000

    My dream speakers, I'd drive out and get them if I could afford them.
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    Audio stutters with USB Dacs on Macbook M1 Pro

    No issues on my older non-M-series Macbook Pro, but I'm also not using it for much esle but streaming. I did have stutters with it previously, but I traced them down to a wonky wifi connection.
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    How many kits shipped before they were out of stock again? Sadly their website says they're now out of stock until 2Q 2023.
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    Is a trigger or audio sense including? Any pop or click on power on/off? More pictures less hyperbole. I can make clicking noises and dogs will run in surprised to see what's happening.
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    New Hypex Nilai500DIY modules )

    May have already been posted, but the datasheets are available now. As a cloddish "shove the thingies together and observe for sparks" self-assembler, I'm really excited to see that the new PS has specific connectors for momentary switches, trigger input, and PS On / Standby LED. Even I can...
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    Marchaudio P501 Mono Block Power Amplifier Review

    It's nice to see Alan contributing to discussions again.
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    Need help choosing for active 2.0 desktop speakers + questions
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    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    Not to go too far off topic but this would be an amazing marketing gimmick. "Your body's circadian rhythms change throughout the day, why doesn't your audio system change with it? Thanks to advances in chronobiology and precision blending of octagonal (like a fine Piguet watchface) metallic...
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    Audyssey's Next Generation of Room Correction (MultEQ-X)

    I'd be more willing to purchase the $200 app if it weren't irrevocably tied to a single AVR. Even limited transfers (1 transfer to a new AVR per year, for example) would likely be enough for me to purchase it.
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    To monoblock or not to monoblock

    The best thing about monoblocks in 2022 is that you can sell them and buy speaker stands.
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    Parts for Salon 2s?

    I was told by Harman in 4Q 2021 that the Voice2 tweeter was no longer being manufactured and was no longer available to purchase as a replacement part. If you buy older models like the Salon2, I'd factor parts availability into what you're willing to pay. Some of them may be getting sold as...
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    For those with F208's, do you run them full range or do you cross them over with your sub for music and/or movies? If you crossover, do you cross at 80Hz or do you go lower?
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    The only people without bias are the dead. Everyone else has bias, both known and unknown.
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    I used to believe this, but is it true with modern decent quality AVRs in typical home listening spaces? Consider the power vs distortion at 4 Ohm for the 3800H. Granted this is just two channel and multi-channel is going to give you less effective watts, but how many watts do you need at your...
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