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    Change in Requirement for Posting Items for Sale

    Agreed. Length of membership and posting activitiy is probably a better indicator than donation. Or maybe all three, depending on how rampant the issue is.
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    SMSL SD-9 Player Review

    How can a SINAD of 138+ (!) draw ire? The science is sound it seems. No audible flaws. Not liking the controls or price is subjective, no?
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    Record breaker: Raphaelite CS30-MKII tube amplifier review and measurements

    Great example of the science vs art challenge. Equipment gets measured. We've established parameters of what audio output should conform to in order to "sound good". For the most part it works. Reviews like these with measurement outliers show that there's still work to be done to find that...
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    RSL CG25 Center Speaker Review

    I'd like to see 2 ratings for each review in cases like these. Looking at the graphs and numbers I would not expect this to be a recommended product, based on science alone. The recommendation appears to be subjective (with EQ, listening to reference recordings, look & feel). Both ratings...
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    You're assuming there is a cable out there that is worth the money. One review = 1000 reviews. Cables don't matter. People of science already know that.
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    The horse is dead. Beating it is targeting the charlatans that make a profit from belief over science. People that believe don't understand science. Waste of effort. Every cable review will debunk the belief and science supporters will already know that and believers will be unswayed.
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    Ability to pay for tuition and ability to have a fragment of a clue are mutually exclusive. You've managed to assemble enough money. Let's leave it at that.
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    And if you don't know that, you're a superstitious idiot. Smarten up.
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    GR Research B24 AC Cord Review

    We all know that cables dont matter. Lets move on, shall we?
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    Naim Uniti Atom Review (Streamer & Amp)

    Keep up the great work Amir. Undoing decades of false advertising and snake oil audio reviews.
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    GR Research LGK 2.0 Speaker Review (A Joke)

    Is there a market for 1950's transistor radio style passive speaker in an unfinished pressboard box that you have to assemble yourself, that costs more than a grand? Why? Huh? I understand giving this product a review is a public service to protect buyers, but who has this on their shortlist? So...
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    Sennheiser HD660S Review (Headphone)

    Looking at the first graph, and seeing the lounging panther made my head explode. Being forced to use EQ to make a product work means the product is flawed. It's like having to use salt on a gourmet meal. No Bueno.
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    Octave Music Don Grusin High Resolution Music Analysis (Video)

    re: "ultrasounds". What we can't hear (and see) is where charlatans live and thrive. It's the basis of every religion, cult & snakeoil purchase.
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    PS Audio P12 Review Part 2: Power Testing

    If you are spending $5,499 on a glorified power bar (even if it actually did what it said), you have too much money. Give it to someone who needs it.
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    Four Speaker Blind Listening Test Results (Kef, JBL, Revel, OSD)

    It would have been very interesting to have the listeners rate the songs as well. Every song has people who love it and people who hate it. Surely that would bias the results. Would be interesting to see if it did in this small sample.
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    Revel F228Be Review (Speaker)

    There is no home speaker on earth that is 'worth' $5,000 for sonic properties. Sure you can gold plate and shine everything but it won't change the sound. If companies had to be honest about engineering and manufacturing costs, the high-end industry would collapse on itself. It's all about...
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    Hifiman HE6se Review (Headphone)

    This one is important to me as vinyl & CD listening are not EQ'ed. EQ is great for digitized formats (PC, iPad) but not as practical for analog and direct CD.
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    Barefoot Footprint 01 Review (Studio Monitor)

    This review, and a few others recently, prompted me to create an ID to post a message. I am drawn to this site by one word: 'science'. Interpretations & opinions are a dime a dozen but science in measurement gives us information that helps us decide for ourselves. Generally the conclusions here...
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