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    SOLD: RME ADI-2 DAC FS - $720

    Most people here are familiar with this DAC/headphone amplifier combo. No functional issues. The serial number ends with a "B" indicating the ESS DAC and not the older AK DAC. $720 shipped in the USA. If it doesn't sell here this week, I'll list it on eBay. It'll probably sell for higher...
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    VMV D1se2 Stereo DAC Review

    FYI, Topping sells an aftermarket CNC'ed remote if metal remotes are your thing. It's called the RC-22
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    Classical ♫ Music only | Some you listen now or recently, some you love...

    My parents had been insisting that I see Yunchan Lim’s Cliburn final Rach 3 for months. I finally viewed it on line. OMG I can’t wait to buy it on CD. The hyperbole and raves are justified. The greatest ever? Maybe. You can tell the conductor Marin Alsop is having a good time and convinced...
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    Classical ♫ Music only | Some you listen now or recently, some you love...

    Very lovely recital. I believe it's the best selling among the Naxos Laurate series along with Kyuhee Park (known as fiend of the tremolo)
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    The state of lossy audio in 2022.

    My understanding is that aptX does increase the bluetooth latency. Not an issue when just listening to pure audio/music but annoying when you are watching a video. With drive space cheap, lossless storage is not an issue like it was when I recall paying 400 dollars for a 100 gigabyte hard...
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    TOPPING DX5 Lite! Coming soon!

    I’m always a fan of a balanced option. Boycott MQA!!! I would boycott Tidal if I could get a Qobuz option on my Tesla screen. JayZ does not need any more money.
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    Best sounding closed-back headphone $500-$1,000 for a non-audiophile?

    Wow... that's like taking a page out of Dr Dre Beats! LOL.
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    JPS Superconductor V USB Cable Review

    i really want to cry thinking about who would buy such an offensive abomination.
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    The state of lossy audio in 2022.

    iTunes does play MP3. :) When we were talking about lossy bit rates 96kbps or 128kbps etc three decades ago then AAC probably did sound better than MP3 at those lossy bit rates. But bandwidth is better and drive space is cheap. Anything in the realm of 150kbps and better probably sounds...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Monoprice THX amp is on sale for 212.50 . Lowest price I’ve ever seen on it. I wish it had XLR pass through and preamp functionality but it is a solid headphone amp. Amazing as it originally sold for $399 when it came out 3 1/2 years ago. I guess technology changes although not much changes...
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    Splashed out on a Hifiman Arya and not impressed

    How loud are you playing? The L30 should be plenty of juice to power your Arya to reasonable levels.
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    Topping E70 randomly went to MAX volume..

    What a dangerous event. This is the reason why I leave my DAC in Preamp mode... in case something crazy happens with my headphone amp (which acts as my Preamp)... I have two potential dials to turn down if music somehow blasts for no reason. I also have the desktop audio set-up on a separate...
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    The state of lossy audio in 2022.

    Pick a codec and stick with it. I chose the most popular codec at the time I made my choice over two decades ago. MP3. One which would be recognized by any digital music player and program. Now the issue is moot. You can pick any. I don't know of any modern software/hardware combination...
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    The state of lossy audio in 2022.

    Yep. I decided years ago on lossy for my library too. I decided on variable bit rate MP3. My setting is APS or V2 on LAME encoder (well known to be the best MP3 encoder in the world). It can dip as low as 128kbps at times when it needs or go as high as it needs to 256kbps or to 320kbps if...
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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back announced The headband issue is described on the Head-fi thread. Even knowing this could happen I’d still buy again because i’m very happy with the sound quality. It’s a very technical phone. Best headphone I’ve ever heard...
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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back announced

    Aside from the known issue of the headband cracking with use, I have no reservations recommending these headphones over anything in its price range. I hope Austrian Audio has addressed the headband in newer production now that the issue is known. To me, the 2800Hz dip is barely noticeable and...
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    XLR to multi DAC switch?

    Nobsound XLR switch. Easy to find on amazon
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    Recommendation for ANC Headphones

    They make a huge difference on plane flights or in very crowded cafes. If the priority is ANC over sound quality and occlusive IEMs with double or triple flanges (Etymotic comes to mind) are not an option then ANC headphones definitely make sense. I think the big players are Bose QC45, Sony...
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