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    Shanling M0 Pro DAP Review

    SD card slot (and one that is easily mountable as USB mass storage rather than being forced to use MTP protocol or break out a SIM tool). Also, transparent audio playback without having to dodge Android's various sound processing quirks.
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    $35 bought me a minidisc-era Discman with an optical out which works great as a small desktop transport :)
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    Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphone Review

    They actually created this for several older models; there are the ED-1 Professional (lambda pro), ED-1 Signature (lambda signature), ED-5 (sr-5), and ED-1 Monitor (Pro eq and amp in one box). They eq the respective models to diffuse field curve and I believe Gunther Thiele was consulted in...
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    There's a reason AccurateRip database and secure ripping is a thing. In reality, CD drives do make errors on imperfect discs, and many discs are imperfect. I have personally experienced this while ripping CDs with e.g. a cheap USB CD drive vs a full size SATA desktop unit. I've had some...
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    Classic Audio MC Pro Phonostage Review

    Indeed, some of my favorite high fidelity albums are those from MA Recordings, where there is simply a pair of omni-directional microphones recorded directly to digital, and pressed as such, usually in larger rooms without extensive sound dampening. I'm a headphone listener, so having properly...
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    JBL Studio 590 Speaker Review

    There are reasonable boundaries for everything. A smartphone delivering 0.1 volts will not be good in any circumstance. Similarly, if a speaker just sounds awful then it will sound awful whether it's $1000 or $100. For most people price is a primary consideration; they have a budget and they...
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    Cayin Mini-CD MKII CD Player Review

    It seems like CD players have gone the way of tape decks - made to fill a market niche with not much attention paid to fidelity. I recently bought one from AliExpress which had a beautiful design with a clear top that let you see the disc spin. Sadly, upon plugging it into my DAC's optical...
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    Ah, then yeah hopefully there end up being more options. Estats are really not difficult or expensive to make relative to other driver types, when we are talking higher performance tiers. Those Chinesettawong clones of Orpheus and Omega from way long ago come to mind. I just wish Topping had...
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    Which Lundahls do you use, out of curiosity? I'm running LL1630-PPs which are not "hard" to drive in terms of current or load behavior, but the 1:7.2 ratio requires a whole lotta gain. Getting a Purifi build to drive my setup soon which oughta suffice :) Anyway, having experienced various...
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    The modules in the EHA5 are the same ones as in the A90D since they are labeled as such in photos and the circuit board layout looks identical, so quite a bit weaker than the LA90. The Topping measurements of the EHA5 are made with a step-down transformer placed after the step-up, which is not...
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    SCH-REMOTE Digital VU/Spectrum Meter Review

    Can you make a measurement of the unit with a typical DAC output while actually feeding an amplifier too, rather than just the AP? It may be possible that the AP's front end could be particularly robust. Did the other worse VUs introduce distortion to the AP loopback itself while placed in...
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    Blind Listening Test 2: Neumann KH 80 vs JBL 305p MkII vs Edifier R1280T vs RCF Arya Pro5

    I will say, having listened to speakers in a full anechoic chamber the performance of the speaker really starts to come into play more. I found myself comparing the experience more to headphone listening, whereas in a normal room I really notice the acoustics of the room more than the more...
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    1More Sonoflow NC Headphone Review

    Yknow, I've never understood why AP wouldn't make their boxes passively cooled, or at least put silent fans in (maybe a temperature threshold for them to turn on?). It's an audio measurement device, after all. I've used several of their products at work and all of them have noticeably noisy...
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    Personally, I think a phone with more than 120GB storage is pointless, when there could instead be an SD card slot. The fast flash chips used in phones aren't necessary for what people actually use that space for, which is storing things like music. And it's much cheaper to get a 1TB micro SD...
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    Schiit Magni Heretic Headphone Amp Review

    I bought one of these and I'm quite pleasantly surprised. With Edition XS it sounds extremely detailed and actually beats my ifi Micro BL amp in bass control and upper midrange clarity. I had the original Heresy a while back and I thought it was fine but not amazing. Got Heretic as a temporary...
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    On the other hand it is 120hz, which is a much more noticeable difference than 1080p to 1440p on a phone screen. The S22 and S23 is supposed to have 1440p on the Ultra model, though I wonder if they actually run at 1440p when refresh rate is 120hz, or if they drop to 1080 like my Note 20..
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    It's not just cell phones, all phone systems these days use a lot of compression to fit more lines into the same bandwidth. Current mobile phone carriers have a higher quality service called VoLTE, but it's only between smartphones, not smartphone to landline calls.
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    Sony Xperia 5 IV Audio Review

    I found myself frustrated by the LG jack, because despite being fully capable of driving a 32 ohm load up to about 1.8Vrms when tricked into doing so, the headphone jack will limit its output to just 350mv when anything lower than 50 ohms is plugged in. This is barely enough for many iems, when...
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    Dan Clark Expanse Headphone Review

    I would lean towards it being a passive filter. The higher power requirement and nonlinear impedance would seem to support this. On the Stealth it was probably achieved with rear housing tuning.
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    FiiO BTR7 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    I think these Bluetooth receivers compete not on DAC/amp, but rather the app functionality. Fiio is still very behind in this regard. It took them forever to add EQ to their BTR3, an even longer time to add PEQ to the BTR5. And it's a half-assed implementation with only one saved preset, and I'm...
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