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    Noise canceling headphones for outdoor power tools?

    Hi, Thank you for the info and the link. I know that Peltor makes good stuff. I really liked my Bose, so may just go with the Bose QC45 headphones. Amir’s review of the QC35s looked good.
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    Noise canceling headphones for outdoor power tools?

    Hi, I’ve been using Bose wireless noise canceling earbuds when using my tractor, chainsaw, etc. I really like having the music and I get less of a noise-induced temporary threshold shift in my hearing compared to high NRR ear muffs. Today I lost one bud while clearing a trail and can’t find...
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    Vandersteen VLR Speaker Review

    I apologize if this was previously posted, but I just saw this on the Vandersteen “Ask Richard“ page: Link:
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    Vinyl Records on Morning Joe

    Begins at the 4:11 mark: 1) Vinyl record sales exceed CDs 2) Looking at the album apparently makes it sound better I do miss looking at album cover art and the info on musicians etc...
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    Tone control

    Another option is Outlaw:
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    Why is it so hard to purchase a Hypex or Purify amp in USA?

    I’m in the US. Audiophonics responded to a question I had within hours. I then ordered a Hypex NC502MP amp from them and received it in a few days.
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    Peer review...a bad thing....a failure....a waste of time.........

    I only skimmed the article, but as a published research scientist and peer reviewer my initial thoughts are: Peer review is far from perfect. But it is only one of many steps, and a very early one at that, for scientific findings to be accepted by peers. Reproducibility by other researchers...
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    What timbre is good timbre?

    Very Zen. Take a slab of stone and chip away everything that does not look like the Pietà.
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    How would active monitors like the Genelec G Five compare with passives like the Revel F208 for 2 channel music?
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    Anyone know if the sale price on Revel F206 and F208 is typical for the company? I’m wondering if they are being discontinued for refreshed models. Both have been around for many years.
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    How we could finally pin down flowery audiophile subjective descriptions

    I tried reading this, but it slammed me with syrupy undertones that left a screeching texture on my tubby palette. Learn the language of good sound Better understand the difference a hi-fi system can make
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the good discussion. I am getting closer to a decision, but thought I would add a couple of additional considerations in my selection process. 1) In addition to good musical fidelity, I want something that looks good, i.e. furniture quality appearance...
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    I have been giving this some thought. For $2575 from Crutchfield I can get: 2- Revel M106 Bookshelf Speakers 2- Revel M Stands and 1- GoldenEar Forcefield3 Subwoofer I am comfortable with that, but don’t know much about the Subwoofer. Comments appreciated...
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    Coaxial Confused - new DAC

    Hi. Thanks for the replies. My TV is an LG OLED65B7A. The only audio out seems to be for an optical cable. My TV cable box is a Cisco Explorer 8742HDC. It has RCA as well as optical audio outputs. My Onkyo Cd player has RCA and optical. I want to be able to connect both the TV audio and...
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    Coaxial Confused - new DAC

    I just bought a Lavaudio DS600 DAC that has inputs for bluetooth, USB, optical, and coaxial. I have the bluetooth and USB receiving audio from my iphone and ipad, and the optical connected to my CD player. I thought I could connect my cable box to the coaxial input. Previously I used the RCA...
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    The new Ascend towers seem promising. Any word on release date and price?
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    Thanks everyone for the input. The reason that I say I don’t want a sub is just to keep things simple and uncluttered. I’d prefer not to deal with another box and having to optimize crossover frequency. Perhaps I’m overthinking things. Also this is just for music, not movies, so I don’t...
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    New Towers-BMR Philharmonic, Revel F208, or other?

    Hi, I am looking for new tower speakers specifically for 2 channel music. I do not want to add a sub, so looking for something with good bass extension. I have a new Hypex NC502MP amp from Audiophonics and a Lavaudio DS600 dac. I am using Klipsch RP-280f speakers which sound very nice and...
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    Recommendation for AMP after Klipsch RP-5000f

    I was in a similar situation as yours with Klipsch RP 280f speakers and older stereo components. I purchased an Audiophonics Hypex NC502MP amp and a 1Mii dac. With the dac, I can play music from my iphone or ipad, as well as my CD player (toslink cable) and TV (coaxial cable). The...
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