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    Best high-end speaker brands!

    It is written right on the label:
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    New Hi Fi system is bright :(

    Room is too small to be used without treatment. Since this seems to be a special purpose room, you should add panels on both front and back walls and add heavy drapes over window. That will make the huge difference. Also replace area rug with thicker one. All that will help you to reduce room...
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    Instrument separation :what causes it and can it be measured?

    IMD of the speakers is very important. Specifically IMD at high dynamic range. Many speakers have good IMD at low level, but when you turn music up - sound becomes like noise when you cannot distinguish what's where.
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    Focal Kantas 2 - Will they be underpowered with my amp?

    Read review in Stereophile. This is NOT a high current amplifier.
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    Focal Kantas 2 - Will they be underpowered with my amp?

    Switch meter to "C" mode and peak hold. Then let few music tracks run and look at the result. I just checked my room - classical music (chamber group) hit 93 dB peak. This is not even large orchestra or god forbid club level EDM.
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    Focal Kantas 2 - Will they be underpowered with my amp?

    I do not think you really damage them, unless you turn volume all way up. But sound quality suffer greatly if clipping happens. If you spent $11K on speakers, you likely have ability to buy powerful amplifier to drive them.
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    Focal Kantas 2 - Will they be underpowered with my amp?

    Benchmark amplifier almost doubles power with low impedance loads. This is not exactly how Yamaha behaves.
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    Focal Kantas 2 - Will they be underpowered with my amp?

    I see a possible issue not with low overall power, but with the fact that Kanta has impedance of 3 ohms around 100Hz, where there is a lot of volume needed to reproduce upper bass. Yamaha is not a high current amplifier (See Stereophile measurement). Thus you may find it clip at high bass volume...
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    Luxman LXV-OT10 Phono Equalizer Amplifier Review and Measurements

    Than this is even worse! Mr. Pass at least creates something unique in his FirstWatt designs, the circuit posted above is what you usually see in no-name Chinese products. If someone wants classic tube phono stage - Tavish Design products are the best choice.
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    Luxman LXV-OT10 Phono Equalizer Amplifier Review and Measurements

    I do not believe this is native Luxman design. They likely re-branded some cheap Chinese stuff.
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    Luxman LXV-OT10 Phono Equalizer Amplifier Review and Measurements

    Are you sure it is correct schematic? TL072 is not appropriate for MC input - it is too noisy. Also I do not see any switching for correction curve. Circuit with two variable resistors reminds me classic tone control how it was made in mass market old tube gear. The tube at the output does...
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    Are MBL omnidirectional speakers worth the $$$?

    If you need omni-directional speakers, start with Ohm, for much less money. MBL competes with Wilson and alike. Considering that large Wilson speakers allow only tiny sweet spot, MBL have there place on the market.
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    Parts for Salon 2s?

    B&W had good long term support with few exceptions. There was a hiccup though when parts delivery was outsourced to Encompass. Obviously their 8xx models have better support than others, but this is expected.
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    There was one more issue with posted measurements of SCM100: when they assessed vertical dispersion, they only posted traces when microphone was ABOVE mid-range dome. But it is well known that ATC assumes that listener ears will be on mid-range axis or BELOW. I understand that this tower model...
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    ATC speakers / Monitors

    You are paying for nice cabinet finish. Pro version of these speakers (flat black paint) is almost 10K cheaper.
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    What is my input capacitance, can I measure it?

    In MM mode - 47K ohm and 300 pF In MC mode - 220 ohm and 1300 pF
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    Need advise, KEF Blade One Meta, B&W 801D4 or Genelec 8361+731A?

    Probably not. But when you raise sound level to something like 100dB @3 meters - it will.
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    Do all Studio Monitors sound the same?

    It will be hard to find compact replacement for Thiel towers (were they C3.7?). In large enough and treated room Thiel speakers sound excellent - there are only few speakers in the world capable to correctly reproduce step waveform.
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    Newbie seeking to find some answers on studio monitor hiss levels

    From the assessment some people did - to have monitor quiet, you need to choose one with linear amplifier. Class D amplifiers are much more noisier. Those with internal DSP are even worse. But there are only few brands still use linear amplifier in their monitors. Surprisingly M-Audio is one of...
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    Trinnov Nova experience or owners?

    Device like this runs Dante stack internally and is viewed as USB audio card from computer. This is different from running Dante stack in computer itself and use any ethernet card as transport. I suspect that we will see larger devices with more virtual channels and higher sampling rate.
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