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    Sound Devices MixPre-3 II Multichannel Recorder Review

    This is really disappointing. I expected at least decent performance given price and reputation of sound devices.
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    Genelec 8320/8330 + 7350 or Neumann KH80/120mkII + KH750

    I would prefer GLM to MA1 hands down. But you probably calibrate not that often. The KH750 is hard to beat in a setup like yours. I am more than happy with with KH120/KH750 on/under my desk. Did not apply MA1 calibration, though I have everything in place to do so. Did not feel I need it.
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    [Update] Can Flac files with different audio MD5 be identical?

    Different metadata, maybe. Different copyright notes are enough to change md5.
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    Can we retire “WAF”?

    C'mon. Really?
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    I measured 10 subwoofers.

    Amazing work. Glad I had no choice than to buy the KH750 to go with the KH120. The diy sub looks great, though.
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    HDMI to S/pdif converter audio quality

    I have no idea. I think it is USB in, everything else out only.
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    Room Correction & DSD

    You need to convert DSD>PCM before you can apply DSP. DSD is transport only.
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    Sabaj A20d 2023 DAC & HP Amp Review

    I do not think so. 4.4 and 6.3 mm sockets provide the same (unbalanced) signal. Balanced out on the rear of the unit is meant to drive active speakers or a preamp. I use the 6.3 mm socket to drive a HE1000 Stealth with absolutely no issues in high and low gain mode.
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    Weiss DAC501 Streamer and DAC Review

    That's outside looking in. Inside the respective system people might feel different as to "fair" and "good". Just saying.
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    SOS… Lynx Hilo - Imperium - KH750 - KH80

    Not sure what this is supposed to fix.
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    SOS… Lynx Hilo - Imperium - KH750 - KH80

    We are talking give and take 2 inches at 5 feet distance - this doesn't make much a difference, given the directivity of this speaker. More of academic interest, not in room.
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    SOS… Lynx Hilo - Imperium - KH750 - KH80

    Again, please use a setting between 0 and +6dBu. Digital volume control is not a bad thing when done properly. Lynx probably does it pretty well. Give it a try to get sort of baseline.
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    SOS… Lynx Hilo - Imperium - KH750 - KH80

    The manual begs to differ. There are more reasonable options for output (right column below). Also please note that +24dBV is maximum input for the KH80, not recommended. As the manual states "these are best set to a value that matches the input calibration of the device connected to the Hilo’s...
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    SOS… Lynx Hilo - Imperium - KH750 - KH80

    What are the Lynx output options? What is the Neumann input setting? Why the Imperium NG? My take: Unreasonable level. 192 > 48 don't matter at all. Though: What is native SR?
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    Sabaj A20d 2023 DAC & HP Amp Review

    Received mine three weeks ago. Works just fine on a PI3 running ropieee fed by roon. No problems whatsoever. A joy to use with HE1000 stealth. Can you share details on computer, operating system etc. If it's broken, why not just return it.
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    Sabaj A20d 2023 DAC & HP Amp Review

    1.) Compatibility with Wndows 7 does not mean compatibility with every system running Windows 7. 2.) This is an XMOS driver, not a Windows 7 driver. 3.) Is the driver needed to use the DAC, or does the DAC work as a class compliant device not needing a driver to operate?
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    Sabaj A20d 2023 DAC & HP Amp Review

    Current version of Windows is 11, Windows 10 ist still supported by Microsoft, Windows 7 is not. Get over it.
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