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    REL S/812 crackle

    I can't hear anything but have you tried switching the wires from the first sub?
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    Wow! OMG! How do you express intense like without being over-dramatic?

    I recently tried to find Andrew Robinson's review on YouTube but it has mysteriously vanished.
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    Arendal Sound

    I read that on their site and it also said something to the effect of that the oem manufacturer they use is arguably the best one in China but then they don't name it. I am now curious as to which one they are referring to and what makes them arguably the best in China. That's a pretty bold...
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    Wadia CD Players which one to choose? CD6, CD 23, CD 860 OR Denon DCD A110 ?

    I have never even heard of Wadia so I can't recommend any but I can say that as the only parent of 2 kids in college and very budget minded I find that my Sony bdp x800mkii sounds pretty good with cd's and sacd's. When I use a coax cable from it to my Fiio K5 Pro, using the Fiio as a dac only...
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    Starke Sound AD4.320 Amp Review (Sample 2)

    Sounds like my lowly Sony STR-DH190 has more usable power?
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