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    Are my bass traps reasonable or am i doing something wrong?

    I also noticed that the bass traps appeared to covered with wood of sorts. The bass traps I have, bought from GIK, are covered in a sonically transparent cloth. You can buy this cloth from GIK and I would guess other places. I...
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    Speaker isolation feet

    I understand the Sopras come with a metal foot for the spike. Did you try that too? I would suggest you ask fellow Sopra 3 owners what they do and the results they get. They seem to have a facebook page and perhaps there are specialist forums. Or you could ask Focal direct. As these speakers...
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    Speaker isolation feet

    restorer-john wasn't being offensive. You wrote 'friction pears' more then once but I've no idea what this means. Pears are a fruit as restorer-john illustrated. What does 'friction pears' mean?
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    Wood acoustic diffusers have become a decorative item - loved the idea!

    Here we are. An artistic Lego diffuser:
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    Wood acoustic diffusers have become a decorative item - loved the idea!

    They all look very pretty. What do they actually do, exactly. In other words, where are the measurements? I know that GIK quadratic diffusors cover a range 650-3,000 Hz. Not bass. I tried a couple of those GIK diffusors and I could hear them. They were too close. I presume distance from the...
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    Help Needed. Wide & Shallow vs Long & Narrow Room Setup

    Distance to your screen must surely be the first consideration. I'm no expert but it's said that a 4K screen requires 1 to 1.5 times it's screen size distance in order for you not to see the individual pixels. In your case 1.92-2.9m. In other words, it would seem best to use the short wall for...
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    Room treatment advice

    It would be more informative if your measurements were shown with 'no smoothing'. This will show more details of the peaks and troughs of your measurements compare to the 1/6 smoothing you are using. The ideal would be to get treatment to sort out the lower frequencies and Dirac to cover a bit...
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    Hi-Fi vs. Audio

    It's only words:
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    If you could describe your life in song, what would the lyrics be?

    Adapted from the lyrics of a Perry Como song. Another Go Around (I’ve Failed This Time) I wanna have another go around ( another go around! ) Another go around! ( another go around! ) At this old world, this bad old world . . . And when I do ( and when I do! ) I wanna do better, I wanna do...
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    Measurements - what to do next

    Unless there's some major fault with your speakers or input you should be able to make quite big alterations by positioning. Can I just make sure I understand how your speakers are positioned. In your first post you say that they are set up on the long wall. I take that to mean that the wall...
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    Should I get GAIA feet for my LS50 Metas to minimize noise transmission?

    I'm not sure that transmission of sound through your speaker feet is the biggest cause of any sound travelling through the floor. Trying to stop sound going to your neighbours - up, down or side ways - is difficult as sound travels through buildings of unknown structure in strange ways. My...
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    What kind of speakers, room placement, acoustics to reproduce Queen's music with HiFi?

    The sound you get from a stereo recording is speaker plus room. Whilst there is some discussion about how to get the best stereo (ambiophonics, trinaural processor are two that spring to mind) my view is that you need to remove the sound of the room so you hear just the speakers. This is...
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    Anyone using DSP/PEQ with vintage receivers?

    You would need a DSP/EQ with an ADC and DAC. Using the Yamaha CR-2020 for example, I think then you could use the Tape Rec out to the ADC of a DSP/EQ, then Tape In from the DAC of the DSP/EQ, making appropriate selections on the Rec Out and Input selectors on the front of your receiver. I use...
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    Electricity consumption of audio and video gear

    In the UK the average annual household usages are said to be: Gas: 12,000 kWh Electricity: 2,900 kWh As I mentioned earlier, mine, single person in a two bed flat, is Gas: 264kWh; Electricity: 1614kWh.
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    Electricity consumption of audio and video gear

    My UK energy costs, as at September 2022: Gas usage: 8.28p/kWh (last year 5.15) Standing Charge: 31.29p/day (29.0) Electricity usage: 36.09p/kWh (last year 21.11) Standing Charge: 32.3p/day (29.48) Then add 5% VAT. My overall usage per year is: Gas: 264kWh. I only have a gas cooker...
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    Electricity consumption of audio and video gear

    I'm a 'turn off when not in use' person. Recently my UK internet service provider, Virgin, who also provide a conventional telephone line service (yes, I'm the person that still uses a landline!) have 'upgraded' my service which will involve my telephone line going through the router. I was...
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    Equipment versus Room/Setup

    If you've got decent equipment then the key is getting it and the room to work together. To do this you need to learn all the techniques involved - positioning, room treatment, use of subs and DSP/EQ, plus perhaps have a bit of an understanding as to why. The most important tool to get all this...
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    Bass arriving out of phase at the listening position

    I've not used Real Traps Mondo Bass Traps but get the impression that if you want to get the best performance at the lowest frequencies you should place them across a corner rather then flat against it. If you look at the Mondo Measurement page and compare results for 'Mondo Trap in Corner' and...
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    Aural ID from Genelec: Making headphones like stereo? I've not used this. Here's a thread on it: Isn't one of the issues with headphones the distortion of the outer ear. There have been headphones that tried to...
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    Quest for Real Bass Traps

    I would be interested in such a comparison. I'd add a comparison with subs would also be interesting. Subs, DSP/EQ and room treatment seem the three main options for solving sonic problems in a room (as well as careful positioning of course). In particular I would like to see how EQ/DSP on...
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