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  1. Madjalapeno


    Why is everything hooked up to a record player (that all look like they came from the stone age or off a passing train)?
  2. Madjalapeno

    Snake Oil Department, Top This

    I know, our 75" Sony TV decided to go 3D on us over the summer. 3 years old and it delaminated. Sony says it's not their problem, so won't be buying from them again.
  3. Madjalapeno

    Tice TPT Enhanced Line Conditioner Review

    You need a Twisted Ticed Tea to full appreciated it.
  4. Madjalapeno

    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    If it sounds good on there, it will sound great at home - Avantone Marketing Dept.
  5. Madjalapeno

    Directiva r2 monitor prototype build

    I'm using Solidworks, and everything is parametric, so very easy to change.
  6. Madjalapeno

    Directiva r2 monitor prototype build

    I'm a CAD monkey and can make you DXF files for getting parts made if it would help?
  7. Madjalapeno

    SCH-REMOTE Digital VU/Spectrum Meter Review

    I went with one of these for my diy streamer build - - very happy with it. Using it purely for visuals.
  8. Madjalapeno

    JBL 708i Monitor Review (Passive: Part 1)

    Will be interesting to see part 2. Does the price shown include the DSP unit?
  9. Madjalapeno

    FS: Stick-On ST-ACR2 Audio Relay

    Purchased to provide a remote relay that would turn my amps on and off, the signals were too low at listening volume to make it reliable. Purchased the Stick on PSU too. Was used maybe for 1 hour. $110 (+ $30 for PSU) new, will sell for $60 + shipping. Pictures to follow.
  10. Madjalapeno

    FS: B&W 606 and CXA61 - SOLD

    SOLD to a work colleague Purchased in July 2020, I’m selling my first ‘real’ speakers and amplifier. Selling as they don’t fit in my office any more. Will post pictures later today. Bowers & Wilkins 606 in matte white, with weighted STAV24 stands. Good condition and only used at low volumes...
  11. Madjalapeno

    Linkwitz LX521.4 - new build and impressions

    Nice. Any thoughts on cabling yet? I used Speakon 8-way connectors, and put a junction box for each upper unit. Makes life much easier.
  12. Madjalapeno

    Directiva r2 monitor prototype build

    If you need any 3D CAD doing let me know. Have Solidworks and not afraid to use it!
  13. Madjalapeno

    Leema Acoustics Element DAC & Preamp Review

    I was looking for something that still had analog inputs. Ended up buying a Schiit Saga S just to be able to switch them.
  14. Madjalapeno

    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    Tried it today with CarPlay. While you can't select it from the car screen, it plays and shows music/playlists when you select from the phone app.
  15. Madjalapeno

    Roon 2.0 Launched Today - Adds Mobile Listening

    Downloaded today, but not had a chance to try. Needs CarPlay to be a single source of my media when driving. Very frustrating having Roon Play lists and Qobuz playlists. I have been able to use Roon remotely for a while though, you just need to set up a ZeroTier VPN and it all works.
  16. Madjalapeno

    HifiBerry AMP60 Stereo Amplifier Review

    I got one of that amps big brother, the BeoCreate 4- - to mess around with last year. 4 channels, with great DSP and Roon Streaming. Used to to make a fun desktop speaker for work.
  17. Madjalapeno

    RCA Cables - got a good source?

    Current ones are too long, so trying to organize and make it more idiot proof.
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